Green Tip #93 – Drink Fridge

I’ll admit it – I enjoy cool beverages quite a lot.  We usually have quite a number of beverage choices available in our house in addition to a usually well stocked refrigerator.  In our fridge you’ll find filtered water in a jug, calcium enriched orange juice, usually one other type of juice, local apple cider from our local farmer’s market and once in a while a can of gingerale for when Mrs. SPF has an urge for fizz.  With all of these drinks in our fridge, coupled with food, there is little room for my drinks of choice!  Those are diet cola and beer.  I won’t argue the merits of enjoying these drinks but we have an extra drink fridge where I store my drinks (and sometimes overflow from the main fridge).  However, we don’t use an old beater fridge that is horribly inefficient – we use a newer model bar fridge that burns about 10 kw/h per month which isn’t a whole lot (about $0.88/mo).

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1 thought on “Green Tip #93 – Drink Fridge

  1. Great insights! Helpful for those who have wasted a lot of electricity because of the misused of their refrigerators. Thanks!

    Silver Fridge

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