Green Tip #41: Green Bathtub Cleaner

dirty bathtub cleaner

I am not a fan of cleaning the bathroom and I usually put it off too long. So when I get to cleaning the bathtub it really needs a good scrubbing. However this no longer means that I have to spend at least half an hour on my hands and knees Attitude Bathroom cleanerscrubbing till my arms hurt. Now I spray the tub with Attitude Bathroom Mold and Mildew Cleaner into the bathtub, let it soak in while I tackle the rest of the bathroom.  All I need is a few bathtub scrubs and everything comes up.  Best part? This green bathtub cleaner is made with essential oils so you don’t feel like you are clogging your lungs as you clean your bathroom. Moreover its a really good price for a product that will last you a long time because you don’t need to drown the bathtub or anything else with it. A little goes a long way. What kinds of green bathtub cleaning products do you use?

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5 thoughts on “Green Tip #41: Green Bathtub Cleaner

  1. We also put cleaning off as long as we can. And as the result of it we never looked for a green cleaner cause we need something very powerful and efficient. Maybe it is time to look for it.

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