Green Tip #104: Carpool to Work Events

Carpooling might seem like an easy practice but here I am speaking particularly about carpooling to work events. I don’t know how big an office each of you works in but mine is rather large. Quite often there are events like conferences or training that several people in the building are going to but because they don’t work together they don’t know this and so each one takes their own car. I have found the best way to try and avoid this is usually to start with your administrative assistant who can contact other admins to find out who else is going. Then one car can be used to get to the event and who knows, you  might been make a friend! And you wont have to drive the whole way, which I find can be quite exhausting especially since most of our events are in the Greater Toronto Area.

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7 thoughts on “Green Tip #104: Carpool to Work Events

  1. Very good tip. Carpooling in work events are often times neglected in offices. It does not only help minimize transportation costs but will also help build closer working relationships with the participants.

  2. Super :)

    You are welcome to review our service if you like – we are in the faze where word of mouth (or internet) is crucial for the system to be valuable.

    The more people who know about the service, the more value and potential it have. It’s like a self-reinforcing effect.

    Hope you like it :) And thanks again :)

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