Green Tip #27: Buy New “Old” Clothes

Used ClothesEvery once and a while I need some new clothes, a new pair of black pants because the old ones are fading or a new white top because the other one has  a stain that just won’t come out. However I really do not want to go and spend $50 or more on one pair of pants and say $30 or more on the top. So I buy used clothing. Growing up there were several girls in the neighbourhood each a year or two apart and so as one outgrew her clothes she passed them unto the next girl who passed them onto the next girl when she outgrew them and so on and so forth.  Thus was my introduction to used clothing. I have two used clothing stores that I shop at in the city where we live and I almost always find what I am looking for.  Used clothing is inexpensive to begin with but a lot of these stores have sales just like stores that sell new clothing so the bargains are even greater! As an example a week ago I bought five items of clothing for $23! This included  a great pair of pants, a sweater and a couple of tops. All great quality and most on sale!

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #27: Buy New “Old” Clothes

  1. My husband can fit my brother’s hand me downs so it works great. He just got another sweater this week from him. There are lots of thrift stores in our area but some of them have gotten more expensive. You can’t seem to find the same deals as you used to. Now you almost pay the same price for something used as you do new. Inflation I guess!

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