Green Tip #29: Frozen Orange Juice

I love orange juice! I must have a glass every morning or my day doesn’t seem to go right.  Growing up we always bouMelon, Banana & Orangejuiceght frozen orange juice in a can, thawed it overnight and mixed it with water for juice in the morning. Sustainable PF and I have carried on with this practice. Why? The main reason is that its cheaper. A can of juice usually costs about $1.89 at the very most (and we usually stock up when they are on sale for $1.00) whereas a carton of juice will cost you at least $2.50-$5.00. The other reason we do it is that it takes so little packaging. A small can made of cardboard (which we recycle) that fits in your hand vs a carton the size of your thigh. Pretty easy choice really. What do you folks do for your daily cup of  orange juice?

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #29: Frozen Orange Juice

  1. lol at your post! I forgot all about frozen orange juice, and my parents use to make it all the time. I always thought it tasted kind of awesome too. I will have to remember this the next time my wife and I go to the grocery store.

    Thing from my childhood I will not try again: fishsticks.

    1. Ha! @ fish sticks! I had them all the time as a kid and swore off them. A few weeks back Mrs. SPF bought some and man was I ever dejected. She had no idea I loathed them. But she made some and I ate some, and tbh, they weren’t bad w/ some salt/pepper and ketchup!

  2. Frozen orange juice is probably healthier too because it doesn’t have all the additives/processes that a carton of juice has to make it last for weeks!

    It has also been suggested in health journals that there is more nutritional value in frozen orange juice than in that from a carton.

    BTW, I’m a human! Just saying! lol

    1. SoloSailor, thanks for the comment, great to know that the frozen oj is better for us too! That makes sense, freeze the juice at its freshest and no need for anything else!

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