Green Tip #36: Shave Water Consumption

I shave my legs every few days before I take a shower. Instead of running the shower as I shave, I keshaving legsep a little container by the tub and fill it up with water. I rinse the razor in it whenever need be and in no time flat I’ve done my legs and used  a very small amount of water. For those with water metering (and we will be soon) it saves you money!

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photo credit: Helga Weber

4 thoughts on “Green Tip #36: Shave Water Consumption

  1. I think I am a clean freak because I like to wash off my razor under the running stream of water. Otherwise I get somewhat paranoid without any particular reason. I do however, turn off the water while shaving. I hope this counts! :-)

  2. It counts but you should try the other method sometime. I’ll do another post later about how I shave in the sink. I too used to think I had to have the water running to get the hairs out but i’ve learned that’s not the case. I’m pretty sure I save 2/3rd of a full sink of water.

    1. Not sure about southern Ontario but in blind river (http://www.elliotlakestandard.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?archive=true&e=1462655)

      Blind River’s metered water rates set
      Posted 1 year ago

      Blind River’s municipal, metered water rates and sewer rates have been set for 2009. The Town of Blind River undertook the installation of water meters last year and took base line meter readings in early January. The meters will be read again at the end of March and the first water bills, based on metered usage, will then be put in the mail.

      An ‘average’ residential water user – this is based on the assumption that an average household will use 20 cubic meters per month – will be paying $42.47 for their water and $21.23 for sewer service for a total of $63.70 per month. This is an increase over last year of $11.70 per month. Billing will be quarterly so this fictional residence would receive a quarterly bill of $191.10.

      The bill will be broken down this way: every household (including individual apartments) will be charged a base rate of $22.47 per month, then the first 20 cu.m. used will be charged at $1 per cu.m., for another $20.

      Once usage surpasses the 20 cu.m. mark, Blind River water gets pricier. Each one of the next 30 cu.m. consumed will cost another $1.85. A cubic meter contains 1,000 litres or about 220 gallons so this is still less than two cents per litre. ”

      In our how to install a low flow toilet article the avg family of 4 can save 30,000 litres by using such toilets which mean $600 annually. Add in shower heads, using water smartly while shaving, cleaning your hands or teeth and the water billing can really add up.

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