Green Tip #49: Strategic Fridge Stocking

open fridgeAs anyone knows when you are preparing a meal or putting away the groceries you tend to open and close the fridge and freezer a lot. This means a lot of cold air is leaving those machines, forcing them to work harder to keep items cold and using more of your electricity to do so. So something I’ve been trying to get better at is strategic fridge stocking. For instance, I collect all  the fridge items from the grocery bags in one area on the counter (closest to the fridge preferably) and then in one go I open the door, put all the items away and close the door.  This may seem obvious, but take a look at how often you open the fridge door for one item, close it, then realize you need more items!

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10 thoughts on “Green Tip #49: Strategic Fridge Stocking

  1. It’s always a good idea to look for new ways to save electricity/energy. I’m never going to be able to stock the fridge the same again…I’ll either stock it in one fell swoop, or count how many times I open the door.

  2. In this current recession we are dealing with it is really important to find some ways on saving more money specially when it comes to your bills particularly electric bills. Before putting grocery items to the fridge I always make sure to sort the grocery items first before opening the fridge so that i can put all the items all at once.

  3. The thing that had happened in the past is different from what is happening at the present time. However, what our grandparents told us is something significant to them because the events that had happened during their time is more complicated from what is happening now.

  4. I am always interested in ways to conserve energy and your tip on fridge stocking is one way to do so. Surprisingly, these simple strategies help more than one realizes. I am going to follow you to get more tips like this.

  5. When it comes to storing your foods you need to put them properly. Since if you won’t arrange them there might be tendencies that some of them won’t get proper refrigeration and would be ruined.

  6. Great simple thing to conserve one’s electricity bill. Your tip on how to put grocery items in one opening of fridge door is so helpful. I will inform my husband to this and I myself will definitely apply it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That’s true. I’m also guilty with that…That’s a very helpful tip. Storing food properly will help you save time and energy as well.

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