Green Tip #94: Protect Your Table

Ever glance at a table in a second hand shop and cringe at the water rings? Well I have. This is why Sustainable PF and I are very diligent about using coasters and more importantly place mats at our dining room table so all dishes are prevented from leaving marks. Now of course these marks can be wiped away if noticed at first but if left unchecked they will run your table and although I haven’t done an elaborate search on this I take it the treatment options are not so green.  Do you know how to clean water rings off of wooden furniture in a green way?

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #94: Protect Your Table

  1. I’m definitely a coaster dictator in our house as well. I think I may have even offended the odd guest :)

    My mother drilled it into my brain as I was growing up so now I’m keeping the legacy alive!

  2. We have those reed place mats in the picture. They are great at protecting the table, but after a few days there are always a bunch of crumbs and little particles under them. :)

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