I Love Pizza, But at What Cost?

How much does it typically cost you to order in a couple of pizzas? If you can find a good deal, I’d say that you could find a couple of medium pizzas along with delivery for around $20. Sounds like a pretty good deal right? After all, these pizzas will most likely feed your entire family of four or five, and you might even have some leftovers! Compare that to going out to your local restaurant and you probably saved yourself $60 or more. But, what if you could make your own pizza? Do you think you’d save some money?

Money Savings by Making Your Own Pizza

There are actually a few ways that you could make your own pizza. You could start out completely from scratch (I can’t help you too much on this one – you might want to ask my friend Google), or you could purchase the individual components and put them together to make your own. Mrs. SPF’s folks were in town for a visit this past weekend and she made her famous pizza dough and made 4 pies.  They were divine.

Did you know that quite a few grocery stores sell only the crust for pizzas? I also have some friends that buy dough from their local pizza joint, so that’s another option as well. If you can find the crust, you can typically find all of the other ingredients pretty easily (the sauce, cheese, and various toppings) in order to make your own pizza.

So, how much does this typically cost? The crust can be found for about $2. Add another buck for the sauce and then just a couple of dollars for the remainder of the toppings. All together you could make a pretty large and tasty pizza for just $4.00. Compare that to the $10 per pizza from your nearby pizza chain and you just saved yourself $6 on every pizza. Multiply that times 20 or so (I know I have at least 20 pizzas per year) and you’ll be saving yourself $120! Not too shabby.

Be Green by Making Your Own Pizza

Did you know that making your own pizza can be a way to go green as well? Most people wouldn’t initially consider making a pizza as being green, but it’s the truth! Just think about it! How does that pizza get to your front door? It gets delivered of course, and most of the time, it doesn’t get delivered by a very eco-friendly vehicle. If you own a car that’s a little more friendly on mother earth, then it makes much more sense for you to purchase the ingredients for a pizza while you’re already out getting groceries.

And what about the business that creates those pizzas? There is an awful lot of overhead and waste that goes into those operations, especially the ones that offer hot and ready pizzas when you step foot into the door. There are quite a few wasted oven uses and I imagine that there are some pizzas that get thrown away in the process too. If you make your own pizza instead of supporting these non-eco-friendly companies, you are doing your planet a healthy favour.

14 comments to I Love Pizza, But at What Cost?

  • virginia

    You have to be careful on the price of the cheese. last time I made my own pizza, the ingredients added up to more than If I would have had it delivered – I paid 7.00 each for 500g of cheese $14.00 – will only do it again if cheese is on sale dirt cheap

  • Not only is this a great way to save some cash, it can also be great family fun making the pizzas together. In regards to the cost of cheese, I’d suggest going to costco or something similar and buying in bulk…this really brings the costs down.

  • I am so glad you mentiuoned this one; I just wrote a guest article for Miss Thrifty where my ‘oh so tasty and inexpensive’ pizaa was one of the main characters. Making your own pizza is not only so much cheaper than buying it; it is also that it doesn’t have to be junk food, it can be actually healthy (within the restrictions of carbs but still…).

  • We always try and make our own pizzas. Love ’em.

    Can’t make the red wine to go with them, yet!

  • We love making our own, especially if there’s a big game going on. The whole family would gather and prepare something. Homemade pizza is one of those. Yum!

  • I guess it depend on the family size. For us with two growing boys some things are better if we purchase. We don’t have pizza often and by the time we buy all the ingredients we spend way more then just ordering out. I will try it again and see how it works out not that we shop at Sam’s.

  • We used to usually have 1 pizza night a week that would cost up to $30! That adds up! However, we switched to make your own pizza and it is so much better all around! Tastes good, healthy and way way cheaper.

  • Connor Harley

    I am most comfortable in making my own pizza. I really saved a lot and I’d get to choose the toppings I want since I am so picky with the veggies and meat I eat.

  • Chantal M.

    In general I think it’s important to do home-cooked meals as often as possible. I enjoy making our own dough and sauce, really at a fraction of the costs of ordering a pizza from a restaurant – and with a lot of fun. Not to mention that it’s much healthier since I use spelt flour and less oil. I sometimes make more of both the sauce and dough, and keep them in the freezer for the days when we’re in a hurry. I put on it anything available in the fridge, really, and it turns out great. I’m considering making my own mozzarella, once the time allows it.

  • I’m a huge pizza eater, and in my experience the savings is not that great when you make it at home. Chains can ad each topping much cheaper than I can… especially when you factor in the sales and promotions that are almost constantly running.

    That being said, I love making my own pizza. It is fun to do, and is a great tasting alternative to the usual.

  • Homemade pizza gets points for being healthy. We can choose the ingredients, and keep the fat to a minimum. Homemade is family fun, nothing like cooking a meal together for a good time. Really, try homemade sushi one day.
    Money-saving, it isn’t. As Virginia stated, the cheese alone is a deal killer. Add peppers, mushrooms, etc, and the $10 pizza just cost $20 when homemade.

  • JB

    Why stop there, make your own pasta as well. Most of what we go out to dinner for can be made at home. Why go to McD or BK or Taco Bell? All of it can be made at home. But we don’t always have the time, or want to buy 8 buns for 1 burger.

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