Learn How to Day Trade Using a Trading Simulator

Everyone knows the advantages of learning and training on a simulator; so why not use it to learn how to day trade? With a real-time trading simulator, like the one offered by Warrior Trading, you can learn how to day-trade without the risk. Here are five reasons a trading simulator might be the best option for you.

No Risk

With a trading simulator you can learn strategy strategies and try new things without putting your hard earned money at risk. Once you become confident in your strategy and abilities you can take the next step when you are ready and comfortable. Most likely, you will quickly tire of seeing your success in the trading simulator and want to see “real” results,

You Can Try New Strategies

Many experiences day traders have one or two-day trading strategies that use almost exclusively. A day trading simulator will allow you to test your skills with new strategies so you can expand your arsenal of tools available at your disposal. Warrior Trading on Facebook is a great resource for sharing new and exciting day trading strategies and now with the trading simulator you can try out these new strategies before putting them to work for you in the real market.

Gain Confidence

By proving to yourself that you can make money day trading you will gain the confidence you need to go “live” and try your hand at the real thing. Warrior Trading’s real time trading simulator allows you to test yourself in real market conditions. This is not a pretend, fake stock stimulator based on historical stocks, these are real stocks that you can trade in real time, risk free. Warrior Trading has teamed up with Fantasy Stock Traders to create this industry leading technology and service to their clients.

Start with $100,000 in Virtual Currency

Warrior Trading gets you started with $100,000 in virtual currency can you put your skills to the test. This is enough to really get your feet wet, learn the strategies, and prove to yourself that you have the skills to be a successful day trader.

Warrior Trading’s paper trading platform is the best in business because it includes a $100,000 buying power, real-time stock orders, advanced charting, and the platforms look and act exactly like a real brokerage account. Check out their how-to video to see exactly how you can make a trading simulator work for you.


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