Logbook Loans – Borrow Against Your Car

Italian car-makers Fiat have produced a ‘colour therapy’ range for their snazzy Fiat 500 and not only do they make you look stylish, they can generate cash too. Valuable or peculiar cars can be a shoe-in for a logbook loan, meaning this simple colour therapy could help your finances back to the black.

Drive your finances back to health

Loaning the logbook to a company who promise funds can understandably sound sketchy and many people are wary of such endeavours. But those people are still struggling, and nothing ventured means noting gained.

You would have the car anyway, let the man have the logbook for a couple of years, you still get to use the car as normal and you get a nice wad of cash to pay your bills. In no time you’ll be back to financial help and you won’t have had your credit file ravaged by inquisitive bank-loan types.

Credit file remains in filing cabinet

This is a great feature and a reason logbook loans are increasing in popularity. Your credit file is in no danger of being checked because the companies use your car as a secured deposit. It’s simple, if you don’t pay the money back your car is kept. No questions asked, a simple transaction that can bail you out in times of need.

It’s a brilliant way to get into funds if you’re in bad credit, all that you have to do is hand over the registration document to the loan specialist and they keep it for the duration of the loan, once it’s repaid it is returned and you’re free to live your life.

When did my credit turn bad?

Bad credit occurs when default fees, late payments charges or even default notices are added to your credit file. Every creditor has access to this and any blemishes on the file do not bode well for future credit. If you’ve missed a couple of catalogue repayments, then a logbook loan may be the way to go.

Before you take out a loan make sure to do some research online and make an educated decision about it.

Would you take a loan out against an asset if you needed the money?

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