New online trading tools help active traders seize investment opportunities

While some people like to dabble in the stock market, many active traders are devoted to keeping on top of the markets, and being ready to pounce when the perfect investment opportunity strikes.

After years of clamouring for a more powerful, fully customizable platform to help them gain a better hold of their investing strategy, Canadian investors are now being provided with the trading tools, technology and resources they’ve been demanding.

One such powerful technology that is giving many investors an edge is the updated Scotia iTRADE FlightDesk. Designed with the “active trader” in mind, investors can use built-in alerts to monitor Profit & Loss, while using new analytics tools for option chains that offer ‘what-if’ analysis, risk and reward profiles, and max gain/loss summaries.

Some of these new platforms include enhanced features such as equity and options trading with one-click equity order entry, and streaming real-time account balances, buying power and portfolio values. Active investors can also go to online brokerages for third-party analyst information on market trends, such as research reports and stock ratings and statuses for the past day, seven days and 30 days.

With Scotia iTRADE FlightDesk it’s easier than ever for active investors to monitor the markets.  Some tremendous features include streaming Reuters news headlines, multiple watchlists with up to 1,000 symbols, and customizable charts with price movements by ticks, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.

Offering added control, flexibility and analysis, these enhanced online trading platforms— combined with the influx of new mobile trading apps that allow for both options and equity trades— make it incredibly easy for investors to stay on top of the markets and seize investment opportunities at a moment’s notice.

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  1. Never heard of this before. Is this only for daytraders? I wouldn’t say I am an active trader since I have a full time job and its hard to follow stocks every minute of the day. But with some of my stocks I have been missing the boat with limit orders.

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