Our ecoEnergy Retrofit Rebate

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After buying a home together Mrs. SPF and I decided our century house needed to be insulated to keep heating costs down during Canadian winters.  We knew that Ontario was still supporting the ecoEnergy retrofit program until the end of March 2011.  Now was the time to get our ecoEnergy Retrofit done.  We insulated the whole house, including the basement.  I also figured out how to install a low flow toilet to get rebates on this improvement as well.

We had our follow up test done on February 4th and 7 weeks later I am proud to announce that we got our rebate much faster than I anticipated.  The retrofit fellow said 3-4 months!  In the end our total bill for our retrofit was: $10135.35.  We got back retrofit rebates of $3195. So our total cost was  $6940.70 or 68.5% of what we initially paid.  We know this investment will pay itself off in heating savings within 7-8 years and since we used airKrete insulation we will never have to add more insulation in the future.  As we intend to stay in the house for 25 years this is a great passive investment.

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