Power Saving Technology that Helps You Save Money on Energy

In today’s modern world, we tend to rely on gadgets and technology to help us get by. However, using that technology can cost us a lot of money.   Just have a think about how you’re reading this article now – the computer you’re using will be using power (electricity), which costs money.  We’re in an age of gadgets… and there’s no easy way to completely avoid the need for technology in our lives – which means some of the costs we incur are inevitable.  What we could do, though, is use power saving technology that can actually help us save money on energy bills (and help the environment too!).

People looking for ways of saving money on utility bills in the UK, for example, could use what’s known as a ‘PowerDown‘ – which basically makes sure all their ‘peripherals’ (their router, for example, or their printer) are turned off when they shut down their computer. Users just plug their computer lead into the PowerDown socket and when they switch off their computer, the technology will cut power to all devices attached to the PC.  Although annual savings aren’t huge, every little helps – and the energy saved using this kind of power saving technology can really help the environment when enough people are using it and also save money on energy.

Power Saving Technology

For consumers in the U.S., there are several similar types of power saving technology that can help to cut the cost of using power-consuming technologies. For example, energy-saving ‘power strips’ – often available for around $30 – can help consumers save energy by automatically turning off (for example) all TV peripherals when they turn off their TV. Consumers can often plug up to 10 different items of technology into these power strips – so they can really help to cut both costs and the impact people are having on the environment.

Save Money on Energy Without Power Saving Technology

Of course, you can save money without investing in more technology. Simple energy savings tips like switching the lights off when you leave a room, for example, or wearing more clothes in the winter to keep warm (instead of turning the heating up) can really help to reduce the amount of energy you use, and save you some money on energy without spending money on power saving technology!

Have you adopted any power saving technology?  If so, what types?

9 thoughts on “Power Saving Technology that Helps You Save Money on Energy

  1. I do layer my clothes in the winter which works really well. I also own a pair of slippers which always keeps my feet and body warm so I never have to turn up the heat. I do make an effort to turn of lights in rooms I am not in.
    I must confess though, we aren’t good at always turning off every appliance every day. Trying to get better though.

  2. National Grid on the east coast of the United States has taken over all small and large utility companies. In order to get return on its investment, it is charging twice.

    Like this month, we spent 1094 units (KWH)
    Customer charge = $ 4.00
    First 600 KWH 0.03107544 x 600 = $18.66
    Next 494 KWH 0.03769544 x 494 = $18.61
    Xmission charge0.01615000 x 1094= $17.67
    Plus a few other charges
    Total on page = $66.37

    Then on the second page

    Basic Service Fixed 0.07864542 x 1094 KWH = $86.03

    Grand total = $152.40

    When I call NG, it either puts us on hold or the auto system
    keeps going back and forth from one option to the next in a circle.

    We had Public Service of NH before NG bought it. PSNH charged us only $10.00 for fixed service.

    I still to be energy efficient. I save a couple of dollars a month at the most. NG then charges us for the month of May 2011 a whole $86.

    In a case like this, how much can you save doing something on your own?

    Then on the next page

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