How to Save Money and Stay Sustainable

green businessIn this modern climate we all too often hope all retail companies would reduce, reuse and recycle. We have all gone so far as to reduce carbon footprints by shopping locally, or avoiding corporate entities that cut costs with child labor in developing countries. Even signing up for email receipts and bills is a start in the right direction, but how do we save money? Below are some simple ways to save, and spot companies that can help you go even further when it comes to contributing to a sustainable future.

Coupons Without The Clipping

Coupons were once amazing little beauties that saved you $1.00 off or more at the grocery store. Now, they are pesky environmentally debilitating advertisements that arrive in your mailbox via Valpak and don’t save you anything. That’s where companies like Groupon come in handy. In today’s climate, we’ve all virtually gone paper-free. Groupon offers coupon codes for free, delivered right to your mobile or online device, that can help you save 50-90% off the retail price without killing the trees.

Sustainable DIY

Looking for a great way to do home improvements and not feel like you just put a massive stamp on the earth’s demise? Check out Home Depot. No joke. Home Depot was “the first retailer to establish environmental principles in 1991, are a winner of the EPA WaterSense 2013 Retailer of the Year Award, the EPA ENERGY STAR® 2014 Partner of the Year Award, and they scored 99 in the Carbon Disclosure Project for 2013”. Any home improvement, gardening project, or DIY task you commit to with the aid of Home Depot will give you peace of mind when it comes to sustainability. Home Depot also offers regular deals up to 90% off and free shipping on a plethora of home appliances with Groupon.

Sustainable Fashion

Choosing fashion that is committed to sustaining the environment can be hard. Especially when you’ve been eyeing that designer pair of yoga pants for your gym collection. Check out Nordstrom for guilt-free shopping. They are committed to reducing environmental impact in several different ways. From resource conservation to packing and product innovations, Nordstrom gives you a plethora of current stories in their Nordstrom Cares section online to help you better understand their environmental efforts; this is where the guilt-free comes in, and the savings is on Groupon. They offer loads of coupon codes and online promo codes to help you save 50-90% off the retail price. So, you can do your yoga in designer gear and save the earth.

Keeping Up With Discounts

You can keep up to date with the latest sales in a variety of sustainable ways. Member sign-ups via email are a great way to get sweet treats, freebies and free shipping for nothing. Text Coupons are also a great sign up feature with restaurants and entertainment venues. They simply text you codes and free item messages for your next purchase. Don’t forget coupon apps that store all your favorite brands and purchases, let you know when sales expire, and help you flash a paper free coupon code at checkout, or input a promo code online for deeper savings.


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