Stop Wasting Money On Your Lawn

Do you currently own a home? Do you have yard that requires constant upkeep? I’d say the majority of us would answer ‘yes’ to these questions, and with spring upon us and summer approaching, lawn care might be creeping into your thoughts.

Spreading seed, laying fertilizer, cutting the grass, sprinkling: these are all things that just need to be done each year in order to have a respectable lawn. While many of these things are essential, there are a large number of dollars that could be saved each year if they are just done a little differently. Plus, these methods are also more eco-friendly.

Watering Your Grass

 When do you typically water your grass? If you’re like most of the world, you don’t think about watering your lawn until you come home from work one day and notice that it’s getting brown! In order to save your grass from becoming a dirt mound, you quickly get out the sprinkler and water it for the next couple of hours.

While this seems to be effective, it is certainly not the best way to take care of your grass. By watering in the afternoon/evening, you are actually wasting a large majority of the water that you’re sprinkling because much of it is evaporating before it seeps into the earth. The most optimal time to water is in the morning before you head off to work. You’ll waste less water, which means that you’ll save more money, and your lawn will be nice and green.

Your Mower

 What do you currently use to mow your yard? A gas powered walking mower? Or maybe you have a riding lawn tractor? Based on the size of your yard, are these items truly necessary? I have a friend that owns less than a 1/3 of an acre in the city. His house takes up half of it, but for some reason he thinks that he needs a riding lawn tractor to mow the grass. I watch him mow and I think two things: (1) Wow, now that’s lazy, and (2) That’s just terrible for the environment.

Summer is a great time for us northerners to get out and get some exercise. If you own less than a 1/3 of an acre, I would suggest that you buy one of those clipper blade mowers that cuts the grass with your own momentum. By cutting your lawn with this method, you could get your cardio in for the day and you wouldn’t emit any harmful gases into the air! It’s a win-win!

Have Less Lawn

 If you are scoffing at the idea of mowing your entire yard with a self-propelled push mower, perhaps you just need less yard. After all, do you really need all that space? What do you do with it other than look at it. On the outside of your property, it might be wise for you to lay down some bark or maybe even plant some dune grass. This way, you wouldn’t have to mow it, which saves some of your time and it’s better for the environment.

Why not stop wasting money on your lawn?

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  1. I have a manual reel mower and I love it. It’s a little more work, but it is almost zero maintenance, and I enjoy mowing with it because there is no noise, smell, pollution, etc.

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