Green Tip #45: Flush Once for Two People

Low Flow ToiletFor all the couples out there, you know that when someone gets up to go the washroom in the middle of the night, you usually wake up. And more often than not, you probably realize you too have to go. At least this is what happens to SPF and I. So we now have a habit of crying out to the other person: “Me too” so that person doesn’t flush. So one flush for two people and we save some water in our new low flow toilets.

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3 thoughts on “Green Tip #45: Flush Once for Two People

  1. I don’t really get up in the middle of night but my hubby does. I remember this rule when I was a kid. Mom would say to only flush if it was #2, otherwise, leave it until morning.

    What a funny thing to write about. I can’t wait to see what kind of other responses you get. Some may get totally grossed out with the idea.

  2. Mrs. SPF wasn’t entirely correct – she gets up more than once, I wake up each time, usually get up once.

    We had a similar rule at night in our house.

    Interestingly enough, i’ve read that flushing when it’s not #2 is acceptable in Europe but here in North America, where we like to, ahem, waste (excuse the pun), people think they need to flush always. Sure it’s a funny thing to write about, but we like to save water and money, so the tip makes sense – even if some people are grossed out.

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