Sustainable Wedding Planning Part 6: Rings

Sustainable Wedding: Rings

I always knew that once I was married, I would wear a wedding band (which I have realized is not a given assumption these days). Sustainable PF felt the same way although we knew our bands would look quite different. Mine had to be quite slender since I have long skinny fingers and a thick band would have looked ridiculous. Sustainable PF on the other hand has what I would call normal sized man hands so required a band of a medium width. Moreover my ring had to be yellow gold to match my engagement ring whereas Sustainable PF much preferred a white gold.

sustainable wedding rings

That being said, we needed to figure out where to get the sustainable wedding rings from. I had read a lot about the mining industry around the world, and although some countries like Canada have better standards, it is still a messy business and always has some sort of negative environmental impact, no matter what precautionary measures are taken. So I started browsing the internet in search of nice rings made from recycled gold. I found GreenKarat. These rings are made in the States by workers who are adequately paid for their skilled craftsmanship. The gold is from all sorts of old gold that they melt down to make rings, everything from old earrings to industrial parts to junk yard scraps. I would recommend to anyone planning a wedding to order your rings well in advance of the big day as sizing is not always right, especially if you are ordering by mail from an international company. GreenKarat as we discovered has their own rings sizing charts which helped a lot. So we now wear 18K rings, one yellow gold, one white gold and in total we paid $850 for the rings and the shipping.   A nice little bonus is that the GreenKarat rings arrived in little boxes made with flower seed paper as did the invoice, so we will throw these papers into the front flower plots soon and see what else comes from our sustainable wedding purchase!

12 thoughts on “Sustainable Wedding Planning Part 6: Rings

  1. Wedding rings should always be well-planned. It’s a lifetime symbol of a couple love for each other. When I got married, I made sure that the ring and my hubby will have are the pair that we really wanted. We got both a etenity-type ring on white gold band. lovely!

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  5. Excellent tips really. I appreciated it much. Thanks for shairng. Guys i have shared some information on Helzberg diamond rings in my site. Hope you guys will like it. Have a look. Happy Blogging.

    1. thanks sachson11. I had not heard of Helxberg diamonds before but it sounds like this company is pushing for and supporting better environmental and social practices for mining diamonds.

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