5 Tips to Reduce Dental Care Expense

There is no denying that dental care is quite expensive. If you go to the dentist for crowns, bridges and root canals, it will cost you more than $2,000. This is why most people get dental coverage, but those plans do not cover more than $1,000 annually. Even though it is expensive, dental care is important and unavoidable.

Frequent and regular dentist visit are recommended to adults and children. Avoiding dentist appointments due to the increased cost may actually result in more expense. This is because skipping routine dentist visits can essentially lead to more extensive treatment in the future, which is costlier. Below is a list of ways how you can save money on dental care or reduce overall expense.

  • Practice Healthy Oral Care   

Routine dentist check-ups are recommended but with healthy oral care practice, you can avoid intensive dental care procedures. It is advised to brush teeth twice a day with toothpaste containing fluoride. Experts think it is ideal to brush soon after eating. Also, you must floss once every day and use a plaque-fighting mouthwash.

Your diet is part of oral care as well. Include calcium and vitamin C in the diet and remember to incorporate fruits and vegetables. Restrict excessive sugar intake to ensure healthy teeth.

  • Purchase a Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be very expensive but you can get one based on your dental care needs throughout the year. You can compare different websites and get an insurance for as low as $20 per month. There are insurance companies which offer up to 100% savings on preventative care and 80% on basic procedures like fillings and sealants.

  • Ask for Discounts

Some dentists offer free services for patients with financial need or offer discounts during payment. Contact local health department and find a few options before deciding on a dentist. Many localities even host free dental clinics every year. If you ask, you may even be able to negotiate a deal with the dentist. Make sure to do enough research on the approximate expense on the procedure before asking the dentist to accept less than what he or she quotes. 

  • Sign Up for Different Discount Plans

If you are not insured, this is a good alternative. In exchange for a fixed subscription fee, you can enjoy 10% to 60% savings on various dental services. Just like insurance, these plans may only be applicable within a selected network of dentists, so do prior research on what is included in the package before signing up for any of these discount plans.

  • Visit a Dental School, Sign Up of Charity and Avail Low Interest Financing Plans

If you walk into a dental school, you will find last year students ready to conduct hands-on practice under expert supervision. Their services are often highly discounted, so you’ll save a lot of dental expense.  

There are also several charities which focus especially on helping low-income populations get proper dental care. This includes institutes like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Charitable Foundation and The Dental Lifeline Network.

Finally, you can also look for dentists who offer low-interest or no-interest financing plans. When deciding on a plan, make sure that it is realistic and you can afford the payment.

Even while seeking cheaper alternatives, remember not to compromise your dental health. Select dentists and institutes that are great at what they do. Many people like to choose a dental clinic that provides comprehensive and emergency dental services. Dental care is not cheap but it is not something you can avoid.


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