Green Tip # 1: Turn Down the Heat

turn down the heat

Turn down the heat and put on an extra layer of clothing.

No need to keep your heat cranked and pay for it later. As the cold winter sets in here in Ontario, I often turn down the heat and wear a down vest in the evenings and sometimes cover my legs with a blanket as I watch TV and unwind. The house is not cold by any meansĀ  but it is comfortable andĀ  an extra layer keeps me toasty. And there is no need to go and spend lots of money on a big sweater or vest, I found both my vests for a couple of bucks at second hand clothing stores.

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photo by: Marcus Grbac

6 thoughts on “Green Tip # 1: Turn Down the Heat

  1. To add to this theme, if you’ve got a programmable thermostat, use it! We even have our drop temperature while we are in bed and come back up for the morning.

  2. I don’t feel too comfortable in 17 degree houses (cold house!), but if you have a huge house, it’s much better to just warm up the one or two rooms you’ll be in most of the time anyways, and drink a lot of hot tea!

    1. Agreed. Heat rises so the upstairs stays pretty warm.
      We should likely turn down the thermostat even more, I don’t mind it being 18-19 degrees but then I grew up in a house where we had to keep the heat around 18 celcius due to being a single parent family.

  3. Totally agree with the first tip, You can warm yourself up by wearing more clothes, getting under the covers with a hot coffee! I have some friends who use hot water bottle and they say it’s helpful in maintaining warmth. Need to try it this winter

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