3 ways to make money alongside your day job

With the demands of modern life getting far too expensive for many, a lot of people are seeking additional ways to boost their income. In fact, 40% of people in the UK and 37% of people in America now have a ‘side hustle’ — a way to make money alongside their day job. There are a number of ways to do this, with options that are perfect for a range of career types and specialisms. If you’re interested in ways to make money while still earning a wage from your day to day career, consider the following ideas.


Go freelance

Freelancing is one of the most popular side hustles and it is ideal for those from a specialist field such as marketing and design. If you have the expertise needed, consider making your services available to businesses and companies that need your help and will pay for it. This could mean writing blog posts, designing a website, managing a social media campaign or providing businesses with your SEO knowledge. Since freelancing is so popular, it can sometimes be tricky to earn the kind of large amounts you might want. To secure as many clients as you can, make yourself stand out amongst the competition, building a varied portfolio that showcases your skills. The more in-demand you become, the quicker you will be able to raise your fees and meet your financial goals.

Become a landlord

Property investment is another popular and lucrative way that many people earn extra money alongside their day job. Buy to let property investment can have a lot of potential behind it, especially in UK property hotspots such as Liverpool and Manchester. These cities boast high rental yields, strong levels of demand, and a lot of capital growth potential. If you have the money to do so, investing in property and becoming a landlord can be a worthwhile venture to undertake. This lucrative venture will boost your income and help you reach financial security later in life. To make your experience successful, do thorough research, find a reliable property company to work with like RW Invest, and make sure you stay on top of all landlord responsibilities. With the right planning and perseverance, property investment can be an effective and fulfilling side project that you could really enjoy.

Start tutoring

Do you have knowledge and skills in an area and feel that you could pass your wisdom on? Tutoring could be the perfect side project for you. Whether you choose to teach school children, university students, or adults seeking out a new skill, your expertise can really help other people achieve their goals, while making some money in the process. With tutoring you can pick and choose the times that you work, making it ideal as an evening or weekend job. Often you don’t even need to leave your home to teach people, as online tutoring is a growing field and a great way to help a larger mix of clients from around the world.









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