We are a married couple living in a smaller city in Eastern Ontario Canada who strive to balance our financial goals with our sustainable lifestyle.  Achieving this balance takes a lot of compromise, detailed discussions and careful evaluation of how we handle our personal finances while doing what we can to protect the earth and act socially responsible.

We hope to convey our message without sounding preachy and from the feedback we’ve received, so far so good.  We will endeavour to show how living a sustainable lifestyle can be financially sustainable.

personal finance

Our goal is to retire in just under 25 years with our financial house in order with our minds at rest knowing we did the best that we could to live a sustainable lifestyle.  We are public servants by trade who hope to serve the masses via our public service work.  Personal finance and communicating our ideas via this blog is a hobby / project we decided to work on together.

Sustainable PF and Mrs. SPF

There are two authors on this blog.  Sustainable PF (Simon) will primarily write about all things financial that we encounter, entertain and embark upon.  Mrs. Sustainable PF (Marielle) will primarily write about all things eco, green and sustainable living.

We hope you enjoy the site!

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