How to Eat Healthy Under Budget

Health can be easily linked with a great lifestyle, reduced stress and good eating habits. People spend hundreds of dollars trying to embrace the right choices. They spend on buying organic food items, vitamins and on gym memberships. If you are struggling to balance between your budget and right eating habits, you’ve come to the correct place.  

You have to understand that eating healthy is not for the affluent portion of the population only. It is unfortunate that healthy food is often more expensive compared to junk food. If eating healthy is what you want but you are afraid you cannot afford the lifestyle, this article will guide you through. You can eat clean and simultaneously save cash.

It is not impossible to eat healthy on a budget. You need to plan well and select food items that will provide more nutrition for the money you will pay. You must always stick to the list and never stray away from your budget.

Decide Menu Beforehand and Try to Buy in Bulk

It helps to have the week’s menu decided beforehand as you can buy all the ingredients from the grocery store together. While shopping, stick to the list and do not make any impulse purchase. One trip will save gas and might also help get special discounts for bulk purchase. You can even look for coupons and discounts codes for local grocery stores.

Buy Local Fruits and Vegetables in Season

While fruits and vegetable are great for a healthy diet, they may cost a lot when bought during off-season. Select fruits that are in season to avail best prices.

Another great advice is to buy local items. Local business owners who work with native growers are able to negotiate better deals.

Do not Buy any Pre-Packaged, Processed Food

Pre-packed items have high preservative content. They are loaded with sodium and offer empty calories. It doesn’t make any sense to spend so much on these.

Avoid Spending on Packaged Drinks

In addition to the fact that bottled soda, tea, coffee and juices are all very unhealthy, they are very expensive. You should avoid spending on these and drink water instead. It will reduce calorie intake. Also, never buy bottled water. It is a better idea to make a one-time investment on a good water filter.

Buy Frozen Produce

In case you find that fresh produces are not affordable, buy the frozen ones. The frozen fruits and vegetable aisle offers a variety of grocery at dirt-cheap price. They are frozen right after the produce is picked.

When You Cook, Cook for the Entire Week

Finding time to cook meals every day is not easy. It is also not the economically right decision. The best thing to do would be to cook a lot of food at once and refrigerate for rest of the week. This way, you will only have to prep your kitchen one time every week. As food will be prepared already, you will avoid eating out.

Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

You can plant your food in the garden. You can grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits and also plant various herbs and peppers. Most commonly grown items include tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, lettuce and cilantro. This method can really save a lot of money.

Order Healthy Meals from Reliable Companies

On days you cannot cook at home, you can order from companies that can have homemade meals delivered to your door. While selecting a home delivery service, select one that offers best price.

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  1. I hear you on growing your own food. Our good one this year is strawberries. We’ve been pulling in about 1 kilo a day for the past two weeks at least. Lots of fresh strawberries and plenty for jam, homemade ice cream, and other things!

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