Just Married? Here’s How You Can Plan Your Finances Together 

Everyone deserves to have their dream wedding. After all, it is one of the most important and exciting days of your life. So, you wish everything to be just perfect without having to make any compromises. But funding a marriage can be tricky business even if you think you have saved enough. Wedding costs always tend to be more than what you anticipate. It is no wonder then when most newlyweds find themselves low on savings after paying for their marriage. 

A marriage truly does bring a lot of changes in the financial situation of a newlywed couple. Identifying how to cope with these changes is the first step to building a strong financial foundation for your relationship. As a newlywed couple, you must prioritise building a sufficient corpus for a financially stable future and a smooth married life. Investments must form a part of your financial planning as you begin discussing how to manage your joint finances effectively. 

Fortunately for those looking to invest, there are a lot of online investment platforms today that couldhelp them fetch high returns and build wealth in the long run. Iban Wallet is one such online investment platform that offers different investment products for its investors to invest their funds in. In exchange, it aims to offer fixed interest that varies from 2.5% AER to 6% AER depending on the investment product you choose. The interest is projected to be credited in your account daily so you can plan how much savings you may be able to achieve and for how long should you invest. 

You can register by going on the Iban Wallet website in three quick steps:

  • Sign up for an account after providing minimal documentation
  • Add funds in the Iban Wallet account
  • Select the investment product you wish to invest in


You can start investing for as low as $/€1. So, even if you are tight on your finances, you can manage to squeeze out some funds to invest and multiply. Moreover, the funds should beeasily withdrawable whenever you may need them. So, in the case of any unforeseen circumstances you can get your money back in no time. High liquidity gives an edge to Iban Wallet over other traditional investment options such as fixed deposits, bonds and stocks. 

Another major benefit of investing with Iban Wallet is its investor protection and risk mitigation policy that ensure the money of investors stays safe and secure. It has in place a three-layer protection policy which includes asset-backed loans, a Buyback Guarantee and a Safeguard Trust. In the rare event a loan borrower defaults, your money is not lost and can be made available any time you want. 


To encourage more investors to start using the investment platform, Iban Wallet has introduced exciting bonus and rewards for its new account holders. By referring your friends, family or relatives to open an account on the investment platform, you can earn a bonus of up to $/€250. 


Your dream marriage can involve huge spending and lower your savings to quite an extent. Alternative investment platforms are an excellent option to get back on the track of financial freedom. Global digital investment alternatives such as Iban Wallet make it easy with its low investment criteria and projected daily fixed interest to park your funds by registering on the investment platform. You can watch your money grow and keep track of your savings with real-time notifications. You can either visit the official website of Iban Wallet or download its app available on Android and iOS both to open an investment account. 

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