Mobile trading apps can provide more than financial freedom

For many people, the difference between retiring early and working well into their golden years will be their ability to make smart investments. However, with today’s increasingly busy lifestyles, many self-directed investors are finding it difficult to monitor their investments while still devoting enough time to their work and family lives.

This is why many Canadians are turning to mobile trading apps to make important financial decisions while on the go. Instead of having to remain chained to their desks in order to keep track of market ups and downs, investors can now use mobile trading apps to quickly access the market from the palm of their hand.

With the new Scotia iTRADE mobile app, self-directed investors can make equity and option trades with real-time market data. They now have the ability to access personal account balances and holdings, view open orders, sync watch lists, get quotes, charts, option chains and review the most up-to-date market news. Best of all, customer transactions and information linked to the Scotia iTRADE mobile app are as secure as when customers access the same information from either a desktop or laptop.

Intuitive and user-friendly, the new Scotia iTRADE mobile app is also compatible with most smartphones, allowing investors to customize which icons are displayed on the menu bar and the order they appear. Investors are also treated to a handful of great deals including commission-free online trading on a selection of ETFs, and equity trades from as low as $6.99 to $9.99 (subject to conditions).

With a wide variety of these mobile apps now on the market, self-directed investors are finally armed with the tools, technology and resources they require. Whether at the supermarket, hockey practice, or even on a road-trip, Canadians can now make informed decisions on the go, allowing them to stay on the top of investments and in control of their financial future.

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