Top tips to make your eco-home count

Have you looked at the news recently? If there isn’t a new war raging, a political sleaze scandal or a threat from some foreign entity you hadn’t heard of until now, there’s celebrity news to neutralise your panic.

It’s all enough to make you feel so helpless in the world. But there’s one story that keeps popping up in the news, and it’s all the more terrifying because it might cause the actual end of the world.

You guessed it – it’s climate change. But despite the panicked clamour from news headlines, this isn’t a story that has to leave you feeling impotent. With a number of alterations to your home, you could turn it from a hefty polluter to an eco-dream.

Make a suntrap for the summer

With the endless sun of the summer drawing near, now is the perfect time to turn your home into a place to catch those rays and convert them into something even more useful.

For a start, invest in extensions such as conservatories with ceiling windows to capture those rays. Not only will this allow you to have a summer snooze indoors, it’ll also oxygenate your home and allow it to retain heat more effectively, saving you on energy bills.

Next, install a few solar panels to turn that shimmering sun into a new energy outlet for your home. Although they won’t come in handy during those dark and drudging winters, they will ensure that you’re not wasting finite resources unnecessarily.

Essentially, this will save you on energy bills and cut down immensely on your reliance on fossil fuels.

Insulate, insulate, insulate

Those heating bills always mount up in the winter, don’t they? But if you haven’t insulated your wall cavities, those bills will pile up even higher.

Call in some professionals to fill your walls with fibreglass and you’ll be able to halt heat trying to worm its way out through your wall cavities, saving you on energy costs when those chilly months come knocking.

DON’T keep up with the Joneses

Energy efficiency isn’t just about making additions to your home – it’s also about skimping on the things you don’t really need.

In so many cases, people obsess over the latest gadget, gizmo, doowop or thingamajig that their neighbour has and buy something similar in a bizarre display of self-worth.

But the more gadgets you buy, the more energy you’ll expend using them. So, before you go splashing out on an IPad, a big screen telly or a sports car, take a minute to think about whether you actually need them.

And really, what’s more important – your latest exorbitant purchase, or living a sustainable, healthy and planet-friendly life?

1 thought on “Top tips to make your eco-home count

  1. I’m confused by your comments about windows. You say that more windows will save on energy bills in the summer but wouldn’t letting more heat in make your AC work harder and run your bill up?

    I absolutely agree they will help with energy bills during the winter.

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