Forget About Early Retirement. Instead, Embrace Mini Retirements

The whole FIRE movement is endlessly fascinating, at least to me. I agree with the first half of the acronym, which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. Financial independence is my ultimate money goal. I’m quite looking forward to the day when I can tell my bosses to shove it. I have no intention to […]

Should You Borrow Money From Family?

Just about everybody owes money to somebody at some point. Look at the average person’s life. They go to college or university, borrowing money for student loans. Then they get out, and need a shiny new car to go with their post-graduation job. So they borrow to buy that. Next comes buying a house, which comes […]

The Easiest Way to Save Up For Your Annual Vacation

I’m constantly amazed how quickly we’ve replaced spending on things with spending on experiences. One big reason for this is the rise of Facebook. As we scroll through our feeds, we see friends who have spent time in all sorts of exotic locales. Their pictures are beautiful, always filled with smiles. These same friends gush […]

16+ Ways You Can Earn Passive Income

Passive income might be the holy grail for many of you reading this. There’s nothing more powerful than getting paid to do (almost) nothing. Many people would love to start earning passive income, but just don’t know how to get started. Here are 16+ different ways you can start earning passive income, today. Dividend stocks […]

4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill

It’s amazing how quickly we’ve all become addicted to our smartphones. I didn’t even own a cell phone until 2006. Ten years later, I’m officially a smartphone junkie. Whenever there’s a lull in the conversation for even a millisecond, I’ve got my phone out of my pocket looking up the latest nonsense happening on Twitter. How […]

Revealed: These Insider Hacks Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Groceries

For nearly five years in my youth, I slaved away at a grocery store. I started out as a high school kid, bringing in carts and sweeping the floor, ending as the assistant grocery manager who was regularly left in charge of the whole store. During the five and a half years I spent working […]