Top Ways to Save Money on your Next Move

There are many reasons people relocate. It might be starting a new job, a marriage, a divorce, just finishing college or simply wanting a change of scenery. With any long distance move also comes the added expense of transporting your personal belongings. This can run into a lot of extra money you might not have available. The good news is that there are many ways to save money on your next move. 

Hiring a moving company

All moving companies are not alike and all times of the year won’t cost the same either. If you’d rather use a professional moving company to transport your furniture and other items, the time of year, as well as the day of the week, can cost you more or considerably less. If you are able to make the move at a time of your choosing, the fall and winter months are most affordable. Also, booking the company for a date that falls during the week such as on a Tuesday or Wednesday will save you even more. Make sure that you acquire several written estimates from a few companies and do a background check before hiring.  

Deciding to rent a truck 

If you’ve decided that hiring a professional moving company isn’t something you can afford or that you’d rather transport your items yourself, the same rules still apply. For the best rates try to aim for a fall or winter move. If the choice is not in your hands, you can still book a date during the week to help reduce the cost of the rental. Again, it’s important to get a few estimates on not only the rental but also the rate per mile and other fees. 

Pack your items

Whether you choose to use a professional moving company or make the trip yourself, you can save money by supplying your own boxes and packing the items up yourself. If you are using a moving company, they often have specific quantities and sizes of boxes that you can use. Just follow the guidelines and you’ll save big on the packing. If you are doing it on your own you can pick up boxes for free at local supermarkets and retail stores. Just make sure you inquire long before you need to pack. This way even if a store only gets shipments once a week you’ll have plenty of boxes to cover what you need. In addition to the boxes, you can use towels, newspaper and coffee filters to help insulate your packages and prevent damage to delicate items while traveling. 

Bring only what you need

Moving is a wonderful time to think about downsizing.  If you haven’t cleaned out your garage, basement, attic and closets for quite some time chances are pretty good you have a lot more than you anticipated. Remember, everything you bring carries with it a price tag. There are several things you can do to reduce your load. One, you can host a yard sale. This benefits you in multiple ways. You’ll get rid of things you don’t really need or want and you’ll make money doing it, helping to reduce the cost of your move. If you have family nearby you could also give larger items away. Anything left over you can donate to charity.

Host a moving party

When you move and once the packing is complete it’s time to clean everything. This can consume a lot of time. Instead, make it fun and invite family and friends to help with the cleaning. Then once the house is clean and the boxes are loaded, it’s time to celebrate with food and drinks as a reward for their efforts. It’s a great way to say goodbye to those you love.

How to Save With Home Services

How long does it take you to scrub the floors? How much energy do you expend trying to fix the lawnmower? How much space are you losing by trying to store all your belongings in your garage?

Though sustainability and healthy personal finance often require a bit of DIY, you might actually be putting yourself in the red by attempting complex and arduous tasks on your own. Sometimes, paying a professional to complete the more tedious tasks around your home is actually a financially savvy option. Here’s how you can save by hiring for home services.

How DIY Is Costing You

Once you stop to think about it, you will realize just how much you are losing by attempting to do everything around your home by yourself. Not only do you have to pay for the tools ? the chemical solvents, the scrubbers and dusters, the powerful machinery ? but you also lose the potential money you could earn if you devoted that time to more profitable pursuits. The time you spend on your hands and knees weeding your lawn is time utterly wasted in a financial sense, unless you enjoy joint pain and grass stains.

Worse, your undone chores are likely adding an unnecessary weight of stress to your already-stressful life. Home-related responsibilities are often a source of tension between spouses as well as between parents and kids; inevitably, one member of a family will demand more orderliness than the others, and everyone will suffer. If hiring professionals do clean up the house and yard will lower your cortisol levels, it is well-worth the price.

Essential Services Worth Paying for

Of course, not every chore requires professional effort. Particular labors that are either incredibly frequent, like doing the dishes, or especially personal, like sorting your desk, are best left to you and your family. However, there are certain services that can and should be paid for, such as:

Cleaning. This means deep, difficult cleaning. There are places in your home you simply don’t know how to clean property; maybe your parents never taught you, maybe you don’t have the tools, or maybe you just don’t ever think about where grime actually gets. A cleaning service will scrub your floors to their original color, make your bathroom fixtures shine, and suck the stubborn pet hair from every corner of your house.

Lawn care. Lawns require way more attention than you probably expect, which means yours might be on the verge of death. Before the brown spots cover your entire yard, you should acquire lawn care services. Lawn professionals know the healthiest grass height, the best season to fertilize, and the most effective chemicals for killing weeds and pests, so you don’t have to worry about a dry and ugly lawn.

Pool care. Like lawns, pools are especially beloved features of yards. Also like lawns, pools can go really bad really fast. Without the perfect mix of chemicals, your pool can turn into a swamp in a matter of hours. Pool professionals have the testing equipment to diagnose pool problems and perform expert pool maintenance, even when it isn’t pool season.

How to Save on Services

If you are still concerned that home services are too expensive to consider, there are a few tricks to save money without going full-DIY, such as:

  • Using apps. Technology has brought home services into your hands. Apps like Handy and TaskRabbit connect cheap labor with busy homeowners to complete chores faster and easier.
  • Trying a-la-carte. When you book a services provider, most will ask precisely what you need. You can ask for particular services without committing long-term to an expensive full-service agreement. For example, you might ask cleaners to address common areas like the kitchen and living room and leave bedrooms to be cleaned by their inhabitants.
  • Opting for low frequency. Unless you are an utter slob, you probably don’t need a cleaner to come every day. You might not even need services every week. As long as you can keep your home under relative control, infrequent services will cost less.

It is easy to become bogged down by money in and money out, but good personal finance should consider more than cash. Relying on a few home services can dramatically improve your quality of life without emptying your checking account. Professionals are more efficient, more economical, and generally better at their trade than you could ever be, so relying on them might save you big in the long run.