Never Under-Estimate the Power of Mother Nature

Several weeks ago I was out on our front porch with lil’ SPF enjoying the late day summer breeze when I spotted an odd looking plant sprouting from the garden. Well the plant itself was not odd but it was very odd to find it there among the flowers and bushes. You see I had spotted a tomato plant!

tomato plant spread out

Later that day SPF and I took a close look and found a massive tomato plant growing in our front garden. There were at least five shoots off the main plant and at least a dozen young, green fruit already growing. We were amazed and puzzled. Puzzled because we had not planted a tomato plant and amazed that it had survived yet alone thrived given that we had been rather lax in our garden maintenance this year.  And the fact we had little rain made the existence of this healthy tomato plant even more puzzling.

tomato plant up close

We left the plant there to grow unattended for quite a while. Two nights ago SPF picked all the fruit as we were worried about frost damaging this wonderful fruit. I figured SPF’s pickings would yield a dozen or so fruit. Much to my surprise SPF harvested at least three times as much and this did not include the fruit he put in the compost because they were rotten or had been nibbled by a small furry friend.

When SPF asked me what we should do with them all my immediate response was lets freeze them. I then remembered that our freezer is very full at the moment. There was also no way I was going to eat them all as I already had some tomatoes from our weekly local farmer coop vegetable box. SPF is not big on eating non-puréed tomatoes and lil’ SPF has not been introduced to them yet. Since we couldn’t store the bounty and much of it would go to waste SPF went door to door to our friendly neighbours and offered them our free, organic local tomatoes.  He came back empty handed.

tomato harvest

As I may have mentioned before it had been my hope to start a garden this year but alas it did not happen as I underestimated just how busy life becomes with a lil’ SPF. So it was very neat to discover that we did have a bit of a garden after all, even it was in no way planned. I think it just goes to show you that mother nature is more powerful and resilient than any of us human beings. I remember watching as TV show a while ago called Life After Humans and it basically spoke about how after humans disappear plants will take over again, grow over-top and inside of buildings while breaking through side walks  etc.

The show kind of creeped me out but it made a lot of sense. Our tomato plant renewed my belief in the power of mother nature.

People often think they are masters over the planet but when we quiet down and watch we see that is not true, as was the case of our mystery tomato plant.  So my plan for next year is to embrace mother nature’s help and simply sprinkle a variety of vegetable seeds in the front and back gardens and see what happens. Maybe gardening isn’t so hard after all and we can get some free, local organic produce without too much sweat and tears.

What do you think about gardening and random life sustaining plants??

14 thoughts on “Never Under-Estimate the Power of Mother Nature

  1. It is interesting to see what will grow if you leave things unattended. Unfortunately, in my case all that seems to pop up are interesting varieties of weeds when I leave my green areas unattended.

    My grandparents were hugely into gardening but it isn’t something that I’ve taken up myself. Right now I don’t really have the land and I’m not sure I’m prepared to put in that kind of time investment. Having fresh organic food grown from your own land would be a definite plus.

    Too bad the harvesting season is so short here in Canada. You have to find ways to preserve your food if it is going to last your more than a couple of months.

    1. Hi SavingMentor, my maternal grandparents were also very big into gardening (they even grew their own grapes for wine!) and I too would love to continue that on…maybe next year! And yes we do have a short season here, many years ago I canned tomatoes but have not used my canner in many years.

  2. Thank the birdies that noshed on your ripe tomatoes, they’re the ones that spread the seeds.
    I’ve got a volunteer tomato plant amongst the roses in the backyard. I’ve purposely let it be, spreading and creeping, and producing respectably well with little care.

  3. Very cool discovery! I discovered chives in this way too, was moving the lawn one day and kept smelling onions, turns out chives have been replicating all over my yard. I now have a bunch growing in my garden purposely. Love it!

  4. Excellent way to win friends and influence neighbors! :-D

    I’ve also had tomatoes volunteer. But for some reason tomatoes just don’t seem to thrive in my part of town — they used to go great guns when I lived in a different area, but hereabouts they either don’t make it or they don’t produce very good tomatoes.

    So, double congrats to you, first on the unexpected plant and then on the lovely harvest.

    mmmmmm! Fried green tomatoes!

    1. Hey FunnyabouttheMoney, do you have a good recipe for fried green tomatoes in case our plant keeps producing?:) My guess is that your soil must be different from where you used to live, perhaps low in some nutrient that tomatoes need to thrive.

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  6. Mrs.SPF ,
    My neighbor next door has a awesome green thumb , I starting seeing strawberry plants all around my yard , I as well didn’t have time this season to do much gardening . I came to the conclusion that the birds, bees & etc had much to do w/this
    Pollunation ? !
    I never underestimate or take for granted MOTHER NATURE !

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