Everything Must Go! How to de-clutter your home for good

There are many benefits to de-cluttering your home. You create more space because you’re ridding yourself of extra stuff. You can make other people happy by donating unwanted clothes, shoes and books. You can help the planet by recycling furniture, boxes, plastic containers, piles of paper and a whole lot of other stuff. Probably the […]

Bake Your Own: Make Your Wallet and Your Sweet Tooth Happy

I have a sweet tooth but I don`t like eating ingredients I cant pronounce. For me the best way to do that and on a budget is to bake my own treats.  And I know people often say “I don’t have time to bake”, I say it myself sometimes but then I remember that if […]

Want to Avoid a 459% Product Mark Up? Make Your Own Home Made Play-doh

I made lots of things with play dough as a kid. I still remember many little blobby things drying out in the windowsills of our dining room. Many Christmas decorations were also made of play dough. Now that Lil’ SPF is old enough to play with it, it has given me great pleasure to make […]

Using a Midwife – One Year Later – The Experience

The following is discussion about our experience using a midwife.  I have had a year to reflect on having a home birth with the aid of a midwife.  The financial reasons to use a midwife at home were great but pale in comparison to the experiences I had, and did not have to have, by having […]

Green Tip #242: Sharing Toys

Anyone who has looked after kids knows that they have short attention spans. Moreover babies grow at such a rapid pace in their first year that a toy that was intriguing and difficult to manipulable one month is easy and boring the next. So you go through a lot of toys, keeping them entertained and aiding in their development. […]