10 Tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise more

Exercise is one of those things that you’re either committed to and gung-ho about, doing it anytime you can and feeling bad anytime you can’t, or the complete opposite. The advantage of being addicted to exercise is that you’re probably fit already and all you need is to tone it down a little.

But if you belong to the opposite crowd, those who drag themselves to the gym or fall asleep lacing up their running shoes, then you have bigger fish to fry: lack of motivation. But how do you motivate yourself to get off the couch and exercise? I’ve listed a few simple ways to motivate yourself and stay motivated so you can wear your shapewear with confidence.

  1. If you’re overweight, take a photo of yourself (or find the most unglamorous one) and stick it in the refrigerator. This way, every time you attack the icebox for a snack, you’ll see yourself and think twice about eating, maybe even spur you to do a quick workout right at that moment.
  1. Use your Smartphone and set up alarms like crazy. Turn your phone into a nagging personal trainer. Key in the words “Time to Move!” or “Get Busy!” or whatever motivational speech you want to nudge yourself out the door for some much needed exercise.
  1. If you enrolled for gym or Zumba class, use your Smartphone’s calendar to remind you not to miss it. It’s already paid for, so you really need to go. Add a reminder that you’re throwing your money away if you don’t show up. Money, like health, is always a good motivator.
  1. Set up visual reminders that you need to exercise. Purposely leave your running shoes where you can see them every day. Leave your yoga mat near your desk. Set up your exercise equipment so that it’s the first thing you’ll see when you step out of the bedroom.
  1. Talk yourself into doing it. This may sound nuts, but talking to yourself and psyching yourself up is a very effective way to get things done. Tell yourself repeatedly that exercise is good for you and that to have a healthy future for you and your family, you need to be healthy now. Just don’t talk to yourself in public.
  1. Find an exercise buddy to hold you accountable. It could be your spouse, bff, or anyone close to you that you can entrust with this. It’s important that you find someone that will be with you all the way and not give in to you when you want to quit. They have to push you, and call you out when you’re being lazy.
  1. Speaking of lazy, when you’re de-motivated to work out, always remember that it’s the old you who’s whispering in your ear. The old, unhealthy, overweight version of you sitting on the couch with a bag of chips and ice cream. This old version of you loves to sabotage things, and is behind all the laziness and overeating. Don’t let this obsolete version of you win and hold back the new and healthier you. Fight back by not caving in to laziness. Fight back by working out.
  1. Find a place that inspires you to workout. This could be anywhere; your home, garage, gym, park, trail, train yard; it doesn’t matter! As long as this place is special to you and you’re amped up just to be here, always do your workouts here. Being in a familiar and comfortable environment helps with motivation.
  1. Visualize your body’s transformation and what you’re going to look like after all is said and done. Visualize how you’ll be better at doing a lot of the things that you previously sucked at, like sports and other athletic endeavors and how better you’re going to feel because of your new found health.
  1. Remain positive and confident no matter what happens. You may not see results as quickly as you’d hoped, and that’s OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so will your body. It takes time to be fit and healthy and by staying motivated and sticking with the program, you are headed in the right direction.

Being motivated and staying motivated starts from within, and if you really want to change and shape your future to be on the healthy side of things, following the tips above can help you achieve success.

How to find Eco-Friendly Stocks

eco-friendly stocksIn the great world of investing, it can be tumultuous at best when trying to find the right stocks that align with your passions while also providing adequate returns when armed with limited knowledge. However, the task of locating eco-friendly stocks are not as hard you might think.

Thanks to the world of robo-investing, apps like Stash and Grow allow you to invest specifically in environmentally friendly funds with minimal costs. However, if you’d like to dig a little deeper on why a company is eco-friendly, the list below provides some good qualifications on who’s a good prospect versus who isn’t.

  • Is the company being considered green certified – LEED Certified – or have they started the process of getting certified?
  • Is the company environmentally knowledgeable, and do they use that knowledge in planning their company’s physical site?
  • Are they efficient in their overall energy use?
  • Do they produce goods sustainably, while reducing waste creation by using materials available locally?
  • Do they consciously avoid damaging the environment, and are conscious of the possible pollutants expelled with the use of non-environmentally friendly machinery and vehicles, and serve to limit this?
  • Are they aware of and working towards employing and maintaining fair employment practices?

With that said should you stumble upon a company that answers yes to most of these questions, then you can most definitely be assured they’re good prospects for the environmentally conscious investors. Just to be clear though, this list is not exhaustive as you can go ahead and add other criteria as you see fit.

One thing that’s done fairly quickly and requires you to have no prior training or knowledge is to search for your prospective company’s news feeds. Chances are if they’re aboard the environmental campaign, they’ll want to make this public knowledge and through your research you’ll see exactly what they’ve implemented, and plan to implement in the future.

Just keep in mind the best eco-friendly stocks to consider are those typically from companies that manufacture electronic and hybrid vehicles, wind and solar technology as well as produce organic products.

In addition to your own research, it might be helpful to seek professional help when it comes to deciding which companies to invest in. The robo-advisor Betterment has introduced Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Portfolios that allow you to invest in funds that match your interests. They also allow you to chat with financial advisors via their app for extra guidance.

We all know Financial Advisors are paid well to help clients select appropriate stocks that will produce acceptable returns. However, Betterment provides their streamlined investing process with this extra guidance at no extra cost.

With their help and analysis, you’re more likely to be investing in funds that will align with your specific financial goals. This is a great way to feel good about where your money is invested.