Top of the Line: What Makes a Vehicle Luxurious

Few high-dollar items carry the allure and instant prestige that come with luxury vehicles. People achieve instant status and earn envious looks as they sit behind the wheel of a luxury brand car or SUV. What are the characteristics that make a vehicle luxurious? Whether you’re in the market to buy or just like to dream, check out this list of six must-have luxury car features.

Lavish Interior Options

Peek inside a luxury vehicle to see what just how comfortable a ride down the street can be. If you do a luxury SUV comparison, you’ll find most have power driver and passenger seats, many offer heated front seats and leather upholstery, and a select few have built-in massage options to relieve stress. A recent trend among luxury models is the use of suede for the interior. Luxury cars have genuine trim, whether it’s carbon fiber, wood paneling, or titanium.

While heated seats have been available to luxury car buyers for decades, cooled seating is a newer phenomenon. It aims to combat the heat that’s generated between the seat and your body on a warm day by circulating cool air through tiny holes in the upholstery.

Voice Command

Increasingly in need to distinguish themselves from the standard features of high-end mid-range cars, luxury vehicle manufacturers often incorporate technology into their systems. Voice command is a feature that luxury buyers expect. These systems offer directions to an address or change the audio system to play a different song simply by speaking a command. Many car makers tout this as a way to increase safety by allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

Enhanced Safety Features

Technology gives luxury cars a leg up on safety. Lane keeping is available with some luxury models from brands such as Mercedes-Benz. Though it’s not endorsed as a truly hands-free driving option, this feature does enable a vehicle to stay in its lane with no input from a driver. Feel the added safety knowing a blind zone alert will sound if you begin to veer into another car. Most luxury cars and SUVs have more airbags than smaller, economy vehicles, for a safer outcome in the event of a crash.

An innovative option for luxury vehicles, smart cruise control, increases the safety of driving in this mode. Thanks to sensors, your vehicle adjusts its proximity to other vehicles on the highway to maintain a safe distance behind other cars and set a speed that’s compatible with traffic.

Who doesn’t get a little nervous when they have to parallel park? Reduce the chances you’ll ding your luxury car (or someone else’s vehicle) with the self-parking function. The driver still has to press the gas and brake, but the car uses sensors to move the steering wheel for parallel parking.

Exceptional Interior Lighting

Some luxury models offer LED lights in the ceiling that cast a star-like glow on the interior after dark. Another popular luxury lighting feature is the use of ambient lighting systems. Others boast panoramic sunroofs for other options in lighting the interior.

High Quality Sound

op stereo names such as Bose and Mark Levinson now find their ways into luxury cars. With these systems, drivers know they’re getting top-of-the-line audio in their car. In addition, many luxury models have special built-in noise elimination systems that help shield the interior from typical engine and acceleration noises. Of course, this also enhances the sound of talk or music that’s piped through the stereo surround system.

Additional Storage

Tastefully incorporated into many luxury cars, extra storage space makes it easier to travel long distances. The top luxury cars in the world even include a refrigeration compartment between the rear seats.

At one time, it was enough to have power locks and windows, keyless entry, and a sunroof to put a car in the luxury category. Now, many of these features are standard on more affordable models, meaning the bar is higher for vehicles to earn the distinction of the luxury label. Which luxury features do you think are most useful to drivers?


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