Is Your CAA Membership Worth It?

Every year for Christmas my Grandmother used to get me a Canadian Auto Association membership. You Americans reading this have something similar, called AAA. I’ll let you figure out what that stands for. Here’s how it works. For a minimum cost of about $83 per year in Alberta (certain plans are more), you get all sorts […]

Ease the Pedal to the Metal: Gas saving Tips for your next road trip

Are you planning to hit the road for your next vacation? Road trips are great if you don’t mind long drives, bugs on your grille and the occasional snoring of one of your passengers. How you drive affects the overall budget of your trip because aside from your accommodations, fuel is probably the other major […]

6 Signs that Your Car is a Rolling Piece of Junk

How do you know if you’re driving a clunker? If your car’s name includes the words Gremlin or Pacer, stop reading and go buy yourself a new car this minute. You know these cars are bad when Disney calls them out by basing characters called “The Lemons” on these vehicles in the movie “Cars 2.” […]

Top of the Line: What Makes a Vehicle Luxurious

Few high-dollar items carry the allure and instant prestige that come with luxury vehicles. People achieve instant status and earn envious looks as they sit behind the wheel of a luxury brand car or SUV. What are the characteristics that make a vehicle luxurious? Whether you’re in the market to buy or just like to […]

7 tips: How to choose the car loan that’s right for you

If you want to get the best deal on your car loan, you need to know what to look for and where to look. Finding the best car loan means comparing all your options to find a car loan that is affordable, that fits within your budget, and that offers the features you need.  Work […]

Better Know A Sustainable Investment: Tesla Motors

Let’s start this post with a little thought exercise. If you had 18 billion dollars, which of the following three investments would you invest in: Investment A: You’d own approximately 36% of a company that made $3.8B in profit last year. They sold $152B of product in 2012, and have grown production over 12% since […]