7 Ways To Go Green Even If You Can’t Go Paperless

Going green is no longer a fad. Every company from Apple to your local donut shop is on the bandwagon these days. It’s no wonder why, really. Businesses have found going green can actually save them money.  I can just imagine some snooty exec at Apple saying, “good for the bottom line and for the […]

Financial Increases to Expect When You’re Expecting

Are you expecting? With a new child come responsibilities and new expenses. Let’s take a look at some of your future expenditures and some helpful tips on how to prepare for them.   Necessary Gear It this is your first child, you will need to outfit the baby`s room with at least the basic furniture […]

Tips for Hiring a Rock Star Real Estate Agent

An agent may be a good fit for your friend or colleague, but it doesn’t mean you two will be a match made in heaven. Interview at least three agents. Go prepared with a list of questions—this will help you determine whether you’re a good match (more on this below). Here are tips for hiring […]