Financial Increases to Expect When You’re Expecting

Are you expecting? With a new child come responsibilities and new expenses. Let’s take a look at some of your future expenditures and some helpful tips on how to prepare for them.   Necessary Gear It this is your first child, you will need to outfit the baby`s room with at least the basic furniture […]

Financial Reminders for New Parents

New parents have a lot going on between the sleepless nights, dirty diapers and piles of laundry. This isn’t all that new parents must consider either, as financial considerations necessarily change as soon as a new child is brought home.    Bringing Home Baby Many new parents begin paying for their children even before they […]

When Should You Start Teaching Your Child about Money?

One of the most common questions that parents have is this: When do I start teaching my child about money? Money is such an abstract concept that many children have trouble grasping the idea behind it. And, with money increasingly invisible, and transactions carried out digitally, it’s even harder for kids to understand what money […]

Want to Avoid a 459% Product Mark Up? Make Your Own Home Made Play-doh

I made lots of things with play dough as a kid. I still remember many little blobby things drying out in the windowsills of our dining room. Many Christmas decorations were also made of play dough. Now that Lil’ SPF is old enough to play with it, it has given me great pleasure to make […]

Using a Midwife – One Year Later – The Experience

The following is discussion about our experience using a midwife.  I have had a year to reflect on having a home birth with the aid of a midwife.  The financial reasons to use a midwife at home were great but pale in comparison to the experiences I had, and did not have to have, by having […]