7 Ways To Go Green Even If You Can’t Go Paperless

Going green is no longer a fad. Every company from Apple to your local donut shop is on the bandwagon these days. It’s no wonder why, really. Businesses have found going green can actually save them money.  I can just imagine some snooty exec at Apple saying, “good for the bottom line and for the […]

Using a Rain Barrel is a Smart Way to Save on Water

As spring approaches it is time to start thinking about your vegetable and flower garden, maybe even fruit trees and berry bushes if you are lucky!  A lot goes into having a successful home garden and pre-planning for the season is a great way to save money and plant a thriving garden.  First, check out […]

Green Investments: 5  Eco-Friendly Investments That Are Worth The Money

Over the past decade, there has been a major shift in thought toward the environment and how we can preserve it. More and more people are making conscious decisions about how they can reduce their carbon footprint. However, some people are hesitant to join the green movement because of the costs versus the benefits—going green […]

7 Surprising Ways “Going Green” Will Save You Money

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a choice more and more people are making, and it isn’t just hippies and earth lovers. The need to change a tendency toward unthinking consumption has taken hold in popular consciousness, especially as people are realizing that a more ecologically sound approach to living can also be a wise financial […]