Top tips to make your eco-home count

Have you looked at the news recently? If there isn’t a new war raging, a political sleaze scandal or a threat from some foreign entity you hadn’t heard of until now, there’s celebrity news to neutralise your panic. It’s all enough to make you feel so helpless in the world. But there’s one story that […]

Basic Emergency Preparedness Tips

When natural disasters hit, or when extreme weather like the snowfall seen across the Eastern United States is seen, my thoughts turn to emergency preparedness. The proper emergency preparedness steps can help you save money in the long run, since you won’t be as vulnerable to some of the costs and difficulties that can come […]

3 Tips for Eating More Sustainably and Saving Money

One of the hang-ups that many people have about changing their habits to live more sustainably is that there is sometimes a financial cost. Indeed, boosting your sustainability sometimes means paying a little more up front, and this seems especially true when you are trying to eat in a way that is more sustainable and […]

Want to Save Money? Save Water

If there’s one thing many people don’t understand it’s the value of water. We absolutely take it for granted. There are some areas in this world that walk for miles to get one bucket full of water and we simply turn the faucet on and watch liquid life flow freely for our unlimited us. It’s absolutely incredible […]

5 Energy Efficient Devices to Lower Your Office’s Operating Costs

As part of the green revolution, more and more companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and rightfully so. The effects of the emissions of harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere have become increasingly clear. Many corporations that opt to use renewable resources to fuel their facilities and services out of […]

Adopting Minimalist Principles to Save Money and Live Sustainability

One of the great things about living more sustainably is that you can also save money by adopting greener habits. One way to improve your ability to live sustainably, and to save money, is to adopt a few of the principles of minimalism. What is Minimalism? There are many different definitions of minimalism, but, for […]