Are Your Finances Affecting Your Health?

We often try to compartmentalize different aspects of our life, allowing us break things down more effectively. As a result, when we think about health, we don’t think about money. In fact, we are likely to focus more on food and exercise when we try to figure out what’s at the root of some of […]

Kids and Money: The Allowance Debate

In the United States, April is Financial Literacy Month. Whether or not you live in the States, it’s a good time to review your own financial practices — and consider the type of financial education your children receive. When it comes to kids and money, there is no replacement for the allowance debate. As you […]

How to Show You Care without Breaking the Bank

We all like to feel loved — and we like our loved ones to feel loved. At times, though, it can seem as though showing you care goes hand-in-hand with spending money. Whether it’s buying an expensive present, or whether it’s helping pay the rent, showing you care can get really expensive, really fast. But […]