How Houseplants Can Improve Air Quality in Condos

When you live in a condo with views of another condo or building, things can get a little depressing. Add a little color to your space and breath (literally) new air by introducing houseplants. Plants add an instant wow factor, and they’re good at keeping the air fresh. If you live alone, having another living […]

Green Moving Advice: Tips on Making Your Next Move Environmentally Friendly

Have you been making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint? If so, congratulations! There are plenty of things we can do to help save the environment we live in. With new technologies and creativity, you can go green with just about everything you do. If you have an impending move coming up, you’re […]

Tips on Buying your First Home with a Small Budget

This is it. You’ve decided to make the biggest purchase of your entire life and you’re all fired up about it. Congrats! You can already picture what it’s going to look like – gourmet kitchen, massive dining room, suite-like master’s bedroom, the work! Images of your dream house are slowly populating your mind like it […]

Condo Living: How to survive and thrive in small spaces

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally de-clutter and downsize everything you own to the bare minimum? I’ve had this goal for as long as I can remember. Vehicles? All I need is a truck or an SUV and a bike. Gadgets? Just give me a reliable laptop for work/entertainment and a tablet for communication/reading. Clothes? […]

Money Saving Tips Everyone Needs to Know About Moving

If you’re getting ready to move and this is your first major move, it will involve a lot of detail. However, careful planning can make it as smooth as one can imagine. Here are five tips everyone needs to know about moving. Get Rid of the Nonessentials To make packing easier, and more importantly, unpacking, […]

Everything Must Go! How to de-clutter your home for good

There are many benefits to de-cluttering your home. You create more space because you’re ridding yourself of extra stuff. You can make other people happy by donating unwanted clothes, shoes and books. You can help the planet by recycling furniture, boxes, plastic containers, piles of paper and a whole lot of other stuff. Probably the […]