Green Tip #241 – Water Down Your Juice

Surprise! We do not get our juice directly from fruit and a juicer.  We buy frozen orange juice for our morning constitutional.

The directions on the (recyclable) container instructs to put the juice contents into a jug and then add 3 parts water.

The result?  Some pretty potent juice.

If you have kids, especially if the juice you mix contains sugar, you will want to water down the juice or suffer hyped up sugar children until such time they crash and get cranky.  But think about yourself too – do you really need more sugar?

Even if you get pure juice (we do) you likely don’t need such concentrated flavour.  Try adding an extra part of water.  What do you have to lose?

We consume a “can” of OJ every 3 days or about 120 each year.  Each “can” costs about $2 (when we buy it at regular price). Until now I didn’t realize we spend about $240 a year on OJ.  Well, we don’t as we buy frozen orange juice on sale, and quite a bit of it when it is on sale but I am sure some folks buy their juice at full price quite often.

There are a few good reasons to water down your juice.  First, reduced waste.  If we didn’t water down our juice we would be buying an additional 25%, or 30 cans of OJ annually.  These cans are recyclable yes, but it takes resources to recycle anything.  Resources are also used in maintaining and cultivating fruit tree farms. Think about how many people consume a glass or 4 of orange juice every day around the world.  That is a lot of recycling.

Second, $60. Not a monstrous sum of money but $60 here, $100 there, $25 next week – it adds up when you can continue to enjoy your daily rituals but save some money doing so.

Have you ever watered down your juice? Any other beverages you water down?

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20 thoughts on “Green Tip #241 – Water Down Your Juice

  1. We don’t really drink juice. My mom never bought it for us growing up. Water was the option. You don’t get the fibre like you do from the whole fruit. Plus it is high in sugar like you said. We prefer smoothies in the morning where we blend whole fruits. We do juice some things though like carrots and beets to add to it.

  2. Yes! I actually go for the bottle/container of juice that is NOT from concentrate. I add water to my orange juice because it’s too sweet. All of that sugar expands the waistline unnaturally, so I try to consume as little of it as possible in order to be satisfied. It’s a bonus that adding water reduces waste and saves money.

  3. I used to when the kids were smaller – but now that they are growing up – they aren’t as juice hogs anymore.
    I also used to mix chocolate milk with other white milk to “calm ” it down so it went farther as well. And less sweet!

  4. I have considered canned orange juice. I promise I have. But I have not yet taken the plunge. I have switched to a store brand. I’m working on it.
    However, other juices I definitely water down, just not enough to make a difference.

  5. Even watered-down juice has so much sugar that our kids bounce, so we don’t buy it. They drink water and goat milk. However, my husband and I mix ginger ale with water to make a slightly ginger-flavoured water.

  6. I have totally done this before! I didn’t even think of it as a frugal or green tactic at the time either. Whenever I buy OJ or some other kind of juice (even some pre-workout drinks) I tend to cut it with water just to make it easier to drink and sometimes bring down the sweetness. Now that I actually think of it, it does tend to last longer.

  7. We do not drink juice much, even if it is fresh fruit extracts. My kids prefer water over juice while my husband and I prefer iced tea. Whenever we crave for iced tea, I pick some lemongrass leaves on my mini-garden and boil them. Instead of adding sugar, I use pure honey, which is healthier and tastes better.

  8. Glad to hear that others do this. Most of the juice from the store is too sweet and begging to be watered down.

  9. My boss does this at work and I had never thought of it before I saw him do it. He doesn’t use frozen juice but just a normal bottle of juice. I’ll have to try it sometime and consuming fewer calories would be an added bonus.

  10. I don’t make juice using the can but I still water it down since it usually has so much sugar and is usually too sweet for me.

    Motts actually makes an apple juice for kids that is watered down lol pretty sure they charge more for it

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