Green Tip #243 – Return Your Empties to the Beer Store

I like beer. Yes, a PF blogger who will spend money on something like the latte factor instead of putting every penny in an effort to save for retirement. Here in Ontario we have a glorious store rightly called ‘The Beer Store’.  Guess what you can buy there?  Beer! For as long as I can remember […]

Green Tip #242: Sharing Toys

Anyone who has looked after kids knows that they have short attention spans. Moreover babies grow at such a rapid pace in their first year that a toy that was intriguing and difficult to manipulable one month is easy and boring the next. So you go through a lot of toys, keeping them entertained and aiding in their development. […]

Green Tip #241 – Water Down Your Juice

Surprise! We do not get our juice directly from fruit and a juicer.  We buy frozen orange juice for our morning constitutional. The directions on the (recyclable) container instructs to put the juice contents into a jug and then add 3 parts water. The result?  Some pretty potent juice. If you have kids, especially if […]

Green Tip #239: Cloth Napkins

If you think about it, using cloth napkins seems like a pain in the neck. After all, with cloth napkins, you have to wash them after one or two uses. You may be wondering if that doesn’t really up the amount of laundry you are doing? Here’s My Story When our daughter was little, one of her friend’s moms said […]