Green Tip #243 – Return Your Empties to the Beer Store

I like beer.

Yes, a PF blogger who will spend money on something like the latte factor instead of putting every penny in an effort to save for retirement.

Here in Ontario we have a glorious store rightly called ‘The Beer Store’.  Guess what you can buy there?  Beer!

For as long as I can remember each bottle of beer has had a $0.10 refundable deposit – if you return your empties.  By doing so the Beer Store claims their recycling activities help to avoid over 174,000 tonnes of green house gases which is the equivalent of removing over 33,000 cars from the road.  Additionally, energy savings exceeded 2.9 billion gigajoules which is the energy contained in over 477,000 barrels of oil.

Like the advertisement on the back of the Beer Store truck I saw the other day – the Beer Store was green before it was common place!

What sorts of commercial recycling programs do you participate in?

12 thoughts on “Green Tip #243 – Return Your Empties to the Beer Store

  1. Ahh, the old “Beer Store” brings back my Ontario living memories.

    It is so different out here in BC – we pay a recycling fee and a deposit fee – so that container of juice actually costs 25 cents more than it does in Ontario.

    I also heard that the liquor store is finally taking empties back after years of not doing this.

    Glad to see them doing the responsible thing.

    1. Even better when you don’t even exchange money – they just take it off your next bill. Some of our beer stores are walk in grab it yourself so it is nice to not get a pocket full of change.

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  3. In New York we get charged 5 cents per bottle and get it back upon returning it. I won’t do it for like a 6 pack but if we have larger party I try to save the empties to return. I have a huge change jar! My goal is to fill it up and buy a tv with it so I can say my friends’ drinking habits bought this tv

  4. I go biking (for fun) but when I do I make sure I wear an old backpack so I can pick up the empties on the side of the road. I am always surprised by how many people simply throw these “dimes” away. University and college students can really clean up with this tip.

  5. The city we live in has a recycling program however glass is not one of the items they recycle. To give you an idea of how much packaging we go thru, the recycle bin is often more full than the garage bin!

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