Green Tip #243 – Return Your Empties to the Beer Store

I like beer.

Yes, a PF blogger who will spend money on something like the latte factor instead of putting every penny in an effort to save for retirement.

Here in Ontario we have a glorious store rightly called ‘The Beer Store’.  Guess what you can buy there?  Beer!

For as long as I can remember each bottle of beer has had a $0.10 refundable deposit – if you return your empties.  By doing so the Beer Store claims their recycling activities help to avoid over 174,000 tonnes of green house gases which is the equivalent of removing over 33,000 cars from the road.  Additionally, energy savings exceeded 2.9 billion gigajoules which is the energy contained in over 477,000 barrels of oil.

Like the advertisement on the back of the Beer Store truck I saw the other day – the Beer Store was green before it was common place!

What sorts of commercial recycling programs do you participate in?

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