Staycation: Better for Your Wallet and the Environment

Even though many people are starting to feel better about the economy, and about spending money, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to go out and spend lavishly on a vacation. Indeed, the recent economic troubles have prompted many to fall in love with the staycation.

A staycation is a sort of mini-vacation that you can take, staying in your local area. You can save money on a number of costs, and help save the environment as well.

Save Money with a Staycation

When you on vacation, it is often an expensive proposition. So many people save up for months — or even years — to go on vacation. However, if you stay close to home, only going a few hours away, you can save a large amount of money, and still have a good time. Some of the ways to save money when you choose a staycation include:

  • Transportation: This represents one of the biggest savings. If you fly, you pay for tickets, and often for your bags. Even if you drive, high gas prices can make it an expensive trip. The cost of getting to your destination is often huge.
  • Lodging: When you stay far away from your home, you need to pay for a hotel for a longer period of time. Even though you can save some money with a weekly rate, it’s still expensive. With a staycation, you save on lodging costs. Even if you do end up staying in a hotel, you don’t pay as much because you only stay one or two nights, rather than four or more.
  • Food: On vacation, you are more likely to spend more money on food. You have to eat at restaurant, or buy convenience foods. You can bring some of your own food, it’s true, but it’s still not the same. You can save more money by packing a picnic lunch and exploring the local area for a day.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Miscellaneous expenses are more likely to crop up when you are a vacation. Whether the car breaks down, or your forget some toiletries, or you run into other problems, the potential for costly accidents rises the farther you get from home.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

As so often happens, there is a correlation between saving money and saving the environment. The very reasons that you can save money by taking a staycation rather than a vacation are the same reasons that a staycation is more environmentally friendly. One of the worst things for the environment is flying on an airplane. Driving long distances in a car can also have an impact. Plus, when you stay in a hotel, you are staying in an establishment notorious for impacting the environment. Hotels use many resources, and there is a lot of waste.

When you stay close to home, exploring your local area, or maybe learning something new about the next town over, you reduce your use of resources. Additionally, you can also better control where your food comes from, ensuring that you have access to local food, as well as as other products that are more environmentally friendly.

You might be surprised at how much money you can save, and how much better you are for the environment, if you step back, reconsider the “need” for a vacation, and consider a staycation instead.

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