Help Raise Money for Charities Selling Your Old CDs

Yes, you can help raise money for charities while saving the environment. by recycling your CDs through one of the many online CD recycling programs you can reduce trash going to landfills . One way you can raise money for charities is by planning a CD recycling event in your community. Families always have unwanted CDs and DVDs lying around the house and a simple spring cleaning CD drive can raise money for charities.

You can Raise Money for Charities both Local and National

Charities don’t have to be national organizations; you can choose to plan an event for a worthy local cause. Send a kid to camp or help a family down on their luck.

If you select a national organization to support, many of the online CD recycling organizations offer direct contributions. You collect all your CDs, send them in (postage paid) and they inform you of how much your CDs are worth. You opt to have your earnings sent directly to the participating national charity of your choice.

A CD Drive Can Round Up Big Bucks

A CD drive is a great project for scout troops, high school and middle school athletic teams, music programs and other youth oriented organizations. America’s youth aged 11 to 25 are the single largest purchasing group of CDs. Your kids have dozens of CDs piled up on every surface of their rooms. Turn those dust collecting CDs into cold hard charitable donations. Get your kids involved, find a charity they can get behind and help them start young, living a more charitable lifestyle.

Did you know that in many cases over half of the funds raised by national charities are spent on future fund raising activities? Assist the local fund raising efforts of your favourite charity and pitch in with a CD drive. Create an event web page through sites such as WordPress with web hosting through your cable internet provider. Get involved and show kids that you can be philanthropic at the local level and truly make a difference.

Call the news media well in advance of your charitable event. Let them in on all the details. Ask for support with getting the word out about your charity. You don’t need a huge organization to make a simple event such as a CD drive for charity work. Careful planning and partnering with the right online CD recycling organization will simplify things tremendously.

Take a few moments and determine your target market. Get the word out to them in advance and work with high school and middle school booster organizations to plan in the weeks leading up to the drive. Schools plan their fund raising events months in advance, so contact them early when you want to raise money for charities. This sort of effort is a great way for families to donate to a worthy cause, without laying out any cash directly to support the event.

So many school fund raising events involve the purchase of unwanted items for ridiculous prices only to wait weeks for your “deal”.  The schools running these programs often forget that parents have more than one child participating in more than one extracurricular activity. Take the heat off your wallets and off the environment with a great CD recycling fund raiser.

What do you do with old CDs?  Have you considered donating your old CDs to raise money for charities?


17 thoughts on “Help Raise Money for Charities Selling Your Old CDs

  1. This is a really interesting idea. I did not know you could do this! I was wondering what to do with my CDs once I’m done uploading them into iTunes (this has been a very long, ongoing project). Now I have a great idea!

  2. I just learned something new! Great! I’ve never saw or heard about Cds drives. Not in Utah for sure. I might be wrong though. Brilliant. I will pass it along!

  3. This is interesting…didn’t know about this.

    I have some CDs from the past, but not an inordinate amount. What I do have, I’ll keep. However, if I was one of those people with several hundred CDs – and didn’t ever need most of them – I’d strongly consider trying this. Good to know of this option.

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