The Best of Money #126

Ah! The pressure!  Hosting The Best of Money is never an easy task.  Why?  First, I can only select 10 articles from the 52 submissions received this week.  That means under 20% of the submitted articles will get a nod as the Best of  Money.  The other dilemma I face this week is that I produce a monthly round up of my favourite articles I have stumbled across over the past 4 or so weeks and there is overlap!  My round up doesn’t go live until Friday and as such Best of Money has beat me to it but I fully intend to include these articles as I thought they were fabulous even prior to knowing they were submitted to the Best of Money.

Let the count down begin!

10.  Wallet Watcher tells us that you can’t say that a wedding is cheap but with some expertise, you can make a memorable wedding on a budget in the article A Memorable Wedding on a Budget?! Can This Be True?.  I couldn’t agree more as we did our best to keep our wedding spending in check.  Easier said than done.

9.  Right now you are reading a personal finance blog.  Chances are you read a few more as well.  If I were a betting man I would wager there is someone out there who you consider to be a money mentor.  Jim Yih over at Retire Happy Blog asks Do you have a money mentor? this week and provides some ideas on how to handle obtaining and using a money mentor.

8.  One of the best ways to increase your net wealth is to Boost Your Human Capital: Become an Expert which was written by Flexo at Consumerism Commentary. Given how Flexo has detailed some of his personal financial decisions over the past few years this is advice we would all be wise to absorb.

7.  He did it, she did it, they did it – you can do it too.  Briana presents You Don?t Have to be Rich to Pay Off Debt posted at StupidCents. You can work diligently, make some not-so difficult decisions and drop that debt.  It takes will power but is well worth it.

6.  I have a soft spot for articles that clearly and concisely get their point across while writing for people of all levels of personal finance exposure and understanding.  Dividend Growth Investor wrote about Five Metrics of Successful Dividend Companies this week which is another tool in my PF toolbox. There are several traits that dividend stocks possess that show strong predictors of performance and this article looks at each closely.

5.  The occupy Wall Street movement continues while the vilified 1% has become a hot topic.  Thing is, being in the top 1% isn’t just for folks working in high finance or born into wealth.  Intelligent Speculator wonders Can Dividend Investing Lead You To The Top 1%? by taking a look at how to make a remarkable living with dividends.  This is an aggressive investing approach that sounds great if you can afford to invest a lot of money each and every month.

4.  Not every business ventures pan out.  Thing is, we don’t always get to hear the facts and in-depth analysis about what really happened.  Well, The Financial Blogger spills it in From 12,600 To 22 or What Went Wrong With My eBook by discussing lessons learned from an eBook launch.  TFB usually has a golden touch when it comes to blogging business ventures so when he’s willing to share lessons learned on a project we can learn a lot.

3.  The Wealthy Canadian presents Becoming An Index Investor: Following The Experts. This article discusses index investing as a viable investment strategy, and the advantages that exist in buying index funds and ETFs as part of your overall portfolio.  Better yet the article high lights some keen Canadian investing minds who write fantastic material.  And go figure, I already subscribe to all of their RSS feeds.

2.  You often hear the saying “wait until you see the real world, its a lot harder then.”  Guess what?  “They” are right! Teacher Man asks what do you expect in life after school? in Finding a Job After School In a Terrible Market .  Turn the blinders off, don’t assume work is a right, consider leaving your comfort zone.

And the Best of Money editor pick of the week is ….

1.  Suba writes another stellar article, Illusion of saving money posted at Wealth Informatics. This is a site I really enjoy as Suba, the primary writer dives into each and every topic with zeal, logic, passion, data and attention to detail.  All of you that read this site know I am prone to writing some in-depth and lengthy articles – and I enjoy reading the same.  In this piece Suba analyzes different frugal activities that don’t always save money and points out that not all frugal tips are applicable to everyone. Do the math and do what works for you.





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