Want to Avoid a 459% Product Mark Up? Make Your Own Home Made Play-doh

I made lots of things with play dough as a kid. I still remember many little blobby things drying out in the windowsills of our dining room. Many Christmas decorations were also made of play dough. Now that Lil’ SPF is old enough to play with it, it has given me great pleasure to make home made play-doh for our little guy. There is something very satisfying about making a nice batch of smooth, uniformly coloured play dough.  Believe it or not you save a walloping 459% mark up!

I found this recipe online and the ratios of ingredients seem to work out perfectly.

home made play-doh


1 cup of flour

½ cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 tablespoon of oil

1 cup of water

Few drops of food colouring

  Mix the first fours ingredients together in a pan. Add the water and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for 3-5 minutes or until it all clumps together.

home made play-dohhow to make homemade playdough

Take off the heat and add the food coluring. Kneed the home made play-doh and the colour will become homogeneous.

home made playdohhomemade playdoh

Let cool and play!

how to make homemade play-doh

Making your own play dough will cost you about: $1.74 for roughly two cups of fun and creativity.  Here is the financial breakdown of home made play-doh DIY.

1 bag of flour= 2.5 kg=10.3 cups=$5.1 So 1 cup= $0.50

1 L of oil=68 tablespoons= $4.11 So 1 tablespoon=$0.06

1.36 kg of salt= 6 cups=$4.09 So 0.5 cups=$0.34

50 oz. of cream of tartar=100 tablespoons=$4.45 So 2 tablespoons=$0.89

1 oz of food colouring=710 drops=$1.72 So 5 drops =$0.01

TOTAL: $0.50 for flour, $0.01 for food colouring, $0.89 for cream of tartar, $0.34 for salt = $1.74

Play-doh bought in a store costs: $8 for 2 cups (sells for $10 for 20 oz or 2.5 cups).  The savings are $6.26! Another neat thing about home made play-doh is that when kids are old enough making the play dough is an exciting game in itself.

Have you tried to figure out how to make your own play-doh? Would you?


9 thoughts on “Want to Avoid a 459% Product Mark Up? Make Your Own Home Made Play-doh

  1. What a great idea! I’d much prefer making my own play doh for my future kids than buying the stuff from the store full of chemicals.

  2. My mom used to make play-doh for us all the time when we were kids. It always looked pretty easy but I never knew how to do it myself.

    I’ll have to give this recipe a try some day soon. It will be a good use for the all never-used food colouring sitting in my cupboard.

  3. Silly isn’t it the price mark up but it doesn’t stop there. All sorts of products are dead easy to make at home but at a fraction of a price. It’s all about research and education and posts like this that we learn. Great idea making this at home. If we have kids you can bet we won’t be buying it. I’m going to share this with my Facebook fans as they will love this. Cheers Mr.CBB

  4. I make my own all the time! Much cheaper and smells better! I use koolaid for colour and scent and don’t bother with heat, I just use boiling water. It works great!

  5. The reason why I don’t encourage my daughter to play with play-doh is because I am scared that she might eat it and be poisoned. With this home-made play-doh, I can be at ease. Thanks for sharing!:)

  6. My Mom used to make homemade play-doh for my sisters and I and we loved it. Definitely a great way to keep a wee one entertained.

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