Saving Money in the Specialty Isle at the Grocery Store

Saving money in the specialty isle at the grocery store can be tough but here are some ideas to help keep your wallet full.  Educating one’s self on weekly sales, signing up for coupon code websites, using a shopper rewards card, and cutting coupons is a great way to save money in the specialty isle at the grocery store.

Plan out your meals each week based on what is one sale, that way when you are shopping you’re sure to save money.  For example, this week there are Asian sauces on sale, consider cooking stir-fry or fried rice.  Buy ingredients that are on sale even if they are new to you and your family.  Skip “taco Tuesday” if there are fresh stuffed ravioli on sale.  It is fun to branch out and try new things, and good sale is a way to do that.

Organic frozen food has some amazing sales if you look hard.  Check the boxes themselves for coupons inside the freezer.  If the coupon says save $2 on every three products, then you should buy three products.  Make sure you are buying the brand that is on sale that week over a brand that is not.  Buying frozen food in larger quantities will save you money, because you can stock pile the items in an extra freezer to eat over time.  

Organic Dairy item are tougher to save money on but there are ways, and one of the best is using a shopper rewards card.  Store rewards cards are great to save money in areas you many not think possible.  At my local store, my shopper rewards card knows what items I usually buy, and then the store sends me coupons to buy them cheaper!  How cool is that?  Having a rewards card will definitely save you money in specialty isle.

The vitamin and supplements isle at the grocery store can be a place where people spend more money than necessary.  First check your local paper for the different stores and see what items are on sale.  If you find that one store that has more items on sale than another you might need to make a special trip just for a protein bar and powders.  Once you find out where the sales are, visit the store and start shopping! A plain carob powder is lower in fat and protein bars can be a good source of fiber.  Most vitamins and supplements have a longer shelf life than dairy products or fresh food, so when you see your favorite item on sale, stock up!  This will save you so much money and you will feel great know you have your favorite healthy snacks all stocked up!

Eating healthy does not need to be expensive.  Just make sure you check your local paper, cut those coupons, use an online shopping and couponing website, and always plan before you go!  The key to saving at the grocery store is preparation.  The small amount about you spend in preparation for a shopping trip is minimal compared to the money saved.


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