Using a Rain Barrel is a Smart Way to Save on Water

The new rain barrel with a rain chainAs spring approaches it is time to start thinking about your vegetable and flower garden, maybe even fruit trees and berry bushes if you are lucky!  A lot goes into having a successful home garden and pre-planning for the season is a great way to save money and plant a thriving garden.  First, check out all of the tools and equipment that will go on sale in the fall and winter seasons.  Buy a new rake, shovel, and watering can during those months because they are usually on sale or in the clearance section of the gardening isle.  Purchasing a rain barrel or making one at home is a great way to save you money and help the environment.  You can make a rain barrel from scratch using old wine barrels, olive or pickle barrels.  Some of my local nonprofit organization sell full rain barrel kits for under $50!  This is a great deal, and spending this small amount of money, will save you save a lot of money over time on your water bill.  Along with that it will also help the environment to prevent too much drain run-off into the street sewer systems.

One of the most common uses for rain barrel is for watering your flowers and plants.  Placing your rain barrel in a good location on the side of the house is very important.  You want to make sure you catch as much drain run-off as possible and use the recycled water to feed your garden every day.  Your plants will thrive with the natural rain water and grow delicious veggies all summer long.

Proper rain water drainage is important for your neighborhood and sewer systems.  Having good ventilation in the dirt does, is key in helping save water and stop drain run-off.  During a heavy rain or storm the run-off water flows with gravity, thus moving down a driveway into a sewer drain.  If there is a lot of rain, and a drain gets full of rain water it can cause the street sewers to overflow or back up causing a huge mess, even flooding.  If everyone had a rain barrel and used it on a regular basis then it would help save houses from flood damage and money spent on repairing the house, along with helping save the planet.  

Saving water is another good reason to invest in a rain barrel.  Your water bill will be significantly lower using rain water to feed your flowers, veggies and plants.  In some cities water is very expensive and the rates go up in the summer, using a rain barrel for the garden that feeds your family is like saving double because you grew your veggies for free or low cost seeds, and then watered them with free water from Mother Nature.

Saving money with a rain barrel is easy.  Check out your local going green non-profit organizations online and invest in a rain barrel today to save you money in the future and help the planet.


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