The Alternative Energies to Invest In

You have heard talk about it in the news media, but probably don’t have any idea how to go about it. Investing in alternative energy is about to pick up in a big way in North America and will be a guilt free way to invest your money into a sustainable market that will create jobs and get us out of the current economic slump.

In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, David Crane of NRG Energy stated that the recent public-private solar partnership in California will result in a massive surplus and all government loans will be paid back to the state with interest. When lawmakers say that government should not get involved with investing, they are only half right. By lending to responsible corporations who know what they are doing, both jobs and the environment can benefit.

Other countries are hopping on the renewable energy bandwagon at a much faster rate than North America with the private sector and government both working together to fund projects. Both Chinese and German banks are teaming with their respective governments to power investment in alternative energy. Here are some of the ways we can harness North America’s alternative energy:


Canada and the US are the two largest agricultural providers for the entire world. If you think that the only proponent of using biofuel to power vehicles is Willie Nelson, you would be shocked. Major corporations and chemical companies are looking for ways to turn animal waste and plant products into fuel to power electrical grids and cities.


The Hoover Dam was built during the Great Recession as a way to get American workers back to creating infrastructure for the country. If Obama wants to put Americans back to work right now, he should institute large projects that require high-paid laborers and engineers to construct these massive structures on America’s rivers in the West.


One of the most unique things happening in solar power these days is the insistence of the IT and computer industries to go green. Unlike the auto, oil, or manufacturing industries, the tech guys are more intuitive towards what is going on in the world and are always looking to solve problems related to alternative energy. In order to power huge data centers, solar power will become the method of choice.


According to SeekingAlpha, wind only accounts for 2 percent of the world’s total energy supply. Figures show that with increased growth and investment that the total supply could move up to 8 percent by 2018. One of the only drawbacks of investing in wind power is the protest from groups like PETA who claim that hundreds of birds are slaughtered a year because of the massive turbines.

Instead of using rewards fromĀ cash back credit cards on frivolous things like video games and alcohol, try to invest your extra dividends into things that will actually benefit the planet. New developments show that when you invest in the planet, your wallet will become much fatter.

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