10 Tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise more

Exercise is one of those things that you’re either committed to and gung-ho about, doing it anytime you can and feeling bad anytime you can’t, or the complete opposite. The advantage of being addicted to exercise is that you’re probably fit already and all you need is to tone it down a little. But if […]

Helping Your Aging Parent Deal With Their Finances

If you have elderly, but still healthy, parents, grandparents or other relatives who rely on you – now is the time to think about your role with their finances in the event that you may need to help them manage at some point in the future. Even if your senior is fully functional mentally, other […]

What Every Engaged Couple Forgets about Financing a Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged! That also means that you have scraped up enough money to buy a beautiful diamond ring. If that was hard for you, boy are you in for a challenge- a dream wedding can be expensive.  Now that you are committed to getting married, you are probably going to set a date far […]

Doctors without the “M.D.” Attached Could Save You Money in the Long Run

As a society we are raised to see doctors when are sick, but never really told to go for checkups unless our mother told us to.  Some people think seeing a doctor is a waste of their money and time if they do not feel sick.  But that is not true and everyone should see […]